Thermostat - Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U vs RCS TZ45 Thermostat

anyone have any opinions on either ?

which is better?

the review i am reading says RCS allows remote temperature sensors in other rooms, so i am leaning towards that one, but wanted to check if anyone had some expert advice.

thank you in advance!

Aside from the size (it is quite large) of the YTH…, I think it is a nicer unit. I have it in my house. The screen goes dim when not in use. It has also been on our “tested list” longer though they are both supported.

Is it a crazy idea to not even mount it, and to use an ipad with smartthings installed to control everything (including thermostat) in its place? or would i lose functionality

i really like the idea of multiple temperature sensors throughout the house

You need to mount it because there are specific wires that need to be connected.

can i have both in different places?

can i execute all the same functionality though the smartthings app?

sorry for all the noob questions

I think I have the same question. Couldn’t you “mount” it near the furnace instead of the typical center of house location? Can you get the temperature from a different device and use the ST integration?

I have a logistic issue with replacing my existing thermostat with a smart thermostat (not enough wires, not just neutral).

The main problem is that the connection to your furnace happens thru those wires hanging off your wall. If you could mount the thermostat down on the furnace it self (and it doesn’t have to be a fancy one) you could setup SmartThings to take the average of the temperatures across the house or just in the areas that you want to optimize for your comfort (during specific times or modes)

The Keep Me Cozy II is one such SmartApp that could be used or augmented.