Thermostat Honeywell TC800 - Capturing sensor data

My Honeywell TC800 shows on the screen indoor humidity as well as outdoor humidity and temp. Within ST, I see these variables being recorded under the event list, however, I am not able to capture the outdoor variables for use as statements for future arguments. For instance, if the outdoor temp is cool and humidity is low I would like to trigger my whole home fan. Any idea how to get that data to be made available for things like ActionTiles and WebCore? Thanks!!

Since those events are being sent, then it should be a relatively easy process to modify the device handler that your thermostat is using to capture those. The DTH can then create state variables that can be exposed to SmartApps and automations, as well as tiles in the Classic app (eventually the new app one day).

What I mean by “relatively easy” is that if that thermo is WiFi, you may not be able to do it as easily as a zwave or zigbee thermostat.

I searched for that model thermostat, but I couldn’t easily determine if that’s WiFi or not, so can you provide a little more detail on how you have connected that to ST? If it’s a zwave thermostat, which DTH is it using?

Thanks for the reply. It is connected via WiFi and I used the Honeywell TCC app to initially connect. I didn’t have to put the thermostat into any pairing mode for ST, it just detected it presumably since it was on the same network. The model number is TH8321WF1001

There is no special device handler running in ST at least not one listed under Device Handler tab.

Ah, ok thanks for letting me know. The way you’re connecting is the right way. I did find an old discussion here:

It used a custom device handler, and it did capture those 2 things you wanted.

I’m not sure how the ST and Honeywell integration works, or if you could even modify anything. When you look at the device details in the IDE, what is listed for Type? There may be a slight opportunity to create your own, but you could also break any integration between ST and Honeywell. Sorry I couldn’t help any further.