Thermostat Honeywell CT100 use with intermittent Internet connection


I am new to these boards. I have just purchased a smartthings v2 hub and three Honeywell CT100 thermostats. I have Internet access from my phone when I am home and turn on my hotspot but otherwise I don’t have Internet. I have programmed the system on my android using “routines” and the “cozy home” smart app. It seems to work fine while I am connected to the internet but when the hub doesn’t have internet access the thermostat settings don’t get changed. I
emailed customer service and they said:

“Thanks for reaching out. The SmartApp you’re using unfortunately doesn’t support local execution today. We’re adding more devices and SmartApps that have the ability to run locally going forward, so I hope we’ll be able to support this in the future for you.

“Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience.

All I really want to do is changes the thermostat settings at a few set times during the day without having to be connected to the Internet. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately can’t be done without local or internet with these thermostats. They don’t support programs on their own.

CT100’s are dumb zwave thermostats and it’s the controller which makes it a little smarter. Of course it can run manually by setting your desires temp but no schedules or actions triggered on it unless you have a controller (ST hub) in our case which will require the cloud.

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yup. Use a different Tstat with built-in schedules. No network needed, automatic, reliable. There are hundreds of those, cheaper than most Zwave thermostats.