Thermostat for in-floor heating

That’s great. Please keep us updated if you get one when it’s released.

Please keep us updated…

They still have not started accepting orders for it, but I’m checking almost every day, lol. Will post back here …

Heatmiser Neostat is a good option for underfloor heating control thermostats depending on where you are in the world. Also really cheap and smart looking compared to most.

I really would like to use one of these for my electric in-floor heat wuth a preference for the ZigBee one if it is HA:

Contacted Sinope in the middle of October, they indicated 5 weeks for the Zigbee version release. Checked their website today and it does indicate “Available December” - so, getting closer.

It’s finally available … I just ordered 2 :slight_smile:

Did you actually get? They are showing out of stock already.

Am looking for a similar solution. Redoing my basement floors, and would like to add heat controllable via ST. Has anyone installed one yet?

Hi ! Just to let you know that the TH1300ZB are now back in stock.

An update … I did receive my 2 thermostats promptly and got them installed. They worked fine as thermostats, but unfortunately the control via smartthings was not working well (it would initially connect, but then seem to lose contact whenever I tried to do anything and would not update status). I had been planning to open a ticket with Sinope, but was too busy with other stuff. I just updated tot he most recent driver yesterday and now it’s working properly! WooHoo!

So here is my quick review:

  • nice modern looking thermostat. physically it’s a fairly compact compared to some electronic t-stats.
  • materials used appear to be high quality
  • easy to install
  • t-stat config/preferences can be done via smartthings app.
  • app shows current temp/desired temp and current demand (i.e. what power level it is operating at)

I’m now very pleased with it :slight_smile:


Any thoughts on the zigbee vs wifi versions? I’ve got a v1 ST hub. Why would I pay $20 more for the zigbee sinope?

As far as I know, the new WiFi version does not work with Smartthings - you have to control it through their Neviweb platform.

Their comparison web page says that both versions are compatible with Smartthings:

Also, I contacted Sinope customer support with the same question and go the answer below. It is somewhat ambiguous but I don’t think it rules out the WiFi version being compatible with Smartthings.



  • WIFI Version will communicate directly with your internet router by WIFI (inconvenients : the more the product is far from the router, the less connectivity quality you will get. Also if you lose internet, you lose the programming of the Thermostat)

  • ZIGBEE version will communicate with a GATEWAY (you mentioned that you already have a Smarthings one so if it is able to get the zigbee products you will not need to buy our new GT130 gateway. Nevertheless our GT130 has the advantage to stock inside the programming of your thermostat so if you lose internet, with our GT130 your Thermostats keeps on following the schedules you had set)
    Another good advantage of the ZIGBEE is the fact that it is a protocol more dedicated to control products :
    - it is protected by a “white noise” against magnetic perturbations such as WIFI justly, TV electromagnetic emissions…
    - it is protected against hackers by an encryption key very reliable
    - it emits very few emissions
    - it consumes 100 000 less energy compares to WIFI
    - Last good advantage : if you have several Sinope Zigbee Products, a meshing will create and every powered product will relay the Zigbee emissions. So no limit of distance between the gateway / hub and the Sinope products

So in conclusion, if your smartthing hub is also a Zigbee gateway or/and if you plan to get more than just a thermostat by ours (we purpose Switchs, Dimmers, load controlers, smart electrical sockets…) I would strongly suggest you to choose the TH1300ZB

If it is compatible then I’m pretty sure it will be via their hub, which would negate the cost savings.

Good point - so I asked customer support that question. Here’s the answer:

The TH1300WF does not need our Sinope GT130 Gateway as it will directly connect in WIFI to your internet router. You are right, it is compatible with SmartThings and by managing it with SmartThings you won’t need to download our app “Neviweb”

Wondering of any contributors on this thread can confirm the product(s) are working with ST (esp thd “new” app)? Im in the USA and about to redo a bathroom. Im pushing for a heated floor and need to pick a control and would like to integrate with ST. Thanks.