Thermostat for in-floor heating

(Scott) #21

That’s great. Please keep us updated if you get one when it’s released.

(James) #22

Please keep us updated…

(Graham) #23

They still have not started accepting orders for it, but I’m checking almost every day, lol. Will post back here …

(cjcharles) #24

Heatmiser Neostat is a good option for underfloor heating control thermostats depending on where you are in the world. Also really cheap and smart looking compared to most.

(Ben Edwards) #25

I really would like to use one of these for my electric in-floor heat wuth a preference for the ZigBee one if it is HA:

(Shawn) #26

Contacted Sinope in the middle of October, they indicated 5 weeks for the Zigbee version release. Checked their website today and it does indicate “Available December” - so, getting closer.