Thermostat Drivers With Scheduling?

Are there any Edge drivers for z-wave thermostats that have full scheduling capabilities? I can provide model etc, but this is a very general question for starters.

With webcore gone, I’ve started trying to automate my thermostat schedules with routines, and I expect it will take 20 or 30 routines. Quite hesitant to dive into either Rules API or SharpTools. My thermostats are programmable but only via zwave controllers for some reason.

wow, 20 or 30 seems like a lot. Can you describe what you’re trying to do? Maybe we can help you condense it.

Here goes…

The main challenge is I have 3 thermostats. 1 for each of 2 different heating zones, 1 AC. So I can’t set a temperature schedule and put them on auto mode (otherwise it’d heat and cool at the same time).

With webcore I had the piston run every 30 minutes. It would check a temp to determine if the house as a whole should heat or cool. There were temp schedules for day, night, and away. The day and night time windows were different for each thermostat for various reasons (eg, size of space to heat).

Separate from that, I had conditions to stop all or parts of the piston from running. I’m trying to use virtual switches for this now.

  • AC Standby - manual virtual switch to stop the piston from putting AC in cool mode (eg when leaf cover on condenser unit)
    -Thermostat Override - manual virtual switch to pause the piston
  • In order to not yo-yo the systems, the piston waited for any heating /cooling cycle to complete before it was able change things on the next 30 min check

The 30 min cycle is easy enough with virtual switches. The most costly in terms of routine count is the first challenge I mentioned plus the overrides.

I probably just need to map it out on paper to have zero routine redundancy. But still, I think the count will be high.

Hmm. That may be complex enough you might want to use the Sharptools rule engine.