Thermostat Ct-101 different MSRs and shared Time1 parameter

I have 4 CT-101s from Radio Thermostat, 3 heat and 1 AC, All running rboyapps code. Just noticed that some of them have a difference model number. It is a mixed bag of models …-00FD and …000C. Is there a difference in the way the 2 models work.

Also one of the four show sharedTile1:full, while all other sharedTime1: disabled in device settings. Can’t find anything on the meaning SharedTile1 . Any insight would be appreciated.

I’m assuming you’re using the custom thermostat DTH: [RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat Device Handler with Z-Wave Plus, Battery, Humidity, Lock Controls, Clock, Swing/Temp, Deadband (CT-30/CT-50/CT-80/CT-100/CT-101/CT-110/ZTS-110/ZTS-500/Linear/GoControl/Honeywell/Trane/MCO/APX/Vivint/Lowes/Universal)

Those are internal controls used to displaying information on the ST mobile app. Depending on your thermostat model it may change behavior.

You can PM me your raw description or the device IDE page for each thermostat and I can see the features are reported by each model.

Hi RBoy
Yes, I am using the Enhanced Z-Wave Device Handler DTH. All 4 thermostat screens are looking the same way. Sending you the raw descriptions through PM.

This is what my screen looks like in ST Classic on Android.

My DTH: 04.05.00
My programming 5-2 days: 03.10.02