Thermostat automation based on temperature measurement

The presentationId of CT100 Z-Wave thermostat is set to “SmartThings-smartthings-Z-Wave_Thermostat”, for which .automation.conditions.capability are:


I want to use the temperatureMeasurement capability of the thermostat in my automation. Can this be done without using third party smartApps.

That is curious. A SmartThings-smartthings-CT100_Thermostat exists and the stock CT100 handler in the repository had the explicit vid (the Z-Wave Thermostat one) that was overriding it removed back in December.

The CT100 vid does include temperature measurement as a condition.

How did you know SmartThings-smartthings-CT100_Thermostat exists- I do not see any mention of it in the github repository.

Is this is bug and should CT100 DTH be using SmartThings-smartthings-CT100_Thermostat presenationId.

No, you won’t be able to create an Automation in the SmartThings app which includes “temperatureMeasurement”.

As noted, the CT100 device handler does include “temperatureMeasurement” in the presentation. That looks like this:

"automation": {
            "conditions": [
                    "displayType": "numberField",
                    "capability": "temperatureMeasurement",
                    "version": 1,
                    "component": "main",
                    "numberField": {
                        "value": "temperature.value",
                        "valueType": "number",
                        "unit": "temperature.unit",
                        "range": [

I can inquire internally why the SmartThings-smartthings-Z-Wave_Thermostat presentation lacks “temperatureMeasurement”.

Brad, to cut to the chase …

CHAD-5976 CT100 already had device-specific metadata · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic@6c2f3e7 (

As you can see, on the face of it the CT100 should be using its own default presentation but it isn’t, it is still picking up the old one. I’m guessing it hasn’t made it into production for whatever reason.

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Presentations can be pulled from the API. I knew what to look for because the default presentations for device handlers have a standard format.

It looks to me like that is the intention but that the required change to the DTH hasn’t made it into production yet.

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@Brad_ST can you please confirm if CT100 not using its own default presentation is the issue, and if you can help resolve it by helping push the change made in Dec 20 to production.