Thermostat and Lock Recommendations?

The gocontrol is a good basic thermostat. :sunglasses: As you noted, the ecobee integration is cloud to cloud, not direct to the hub. It has more features than the gocontrol, but they aren’t necessarily features that you would need.

As far as the locks… The Kwikset are a popular budget brand, But are not rated as high on the independent standard lock safety scale as either the Schlage or the Yale. ( just as one example, they tend to have plastic internal parts where the higher rated brands will have metal ones.)

As an engineer, I will tend to pay more for devices which have better engineering, so the Kwikset don’t make my candidate list. But from a software standpoint they definitely work just fine with smartthings and sometimes the aesthetics are more important to people on a residential lock. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

Before jumping into too many more purchases, you might want to take a look at the device class features FAQ:

Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

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