Thermostat and Actiontiles

I thought I’d post here about my question because the ActionTiles forum doesn’t really appear to be a forum. It seems more like a giant feature request board. Anyway, for those of you that use ActionTiles to display your thermostat, how do you handle the cool / hear portion? It looks like you need to add the thermostat twice, or swap it out when you switch between heating and cooling seasons?

When I add the thermostat, it has both heating and cooling. The tiles show me the set point for each. So I guess I have to swap them out in the winter when I switch to heating season?

Cooling Heating

have you tryed touching the three dots on the bottom left of the tile?
it think you can chage mode there, might be able to do both temps

I saw that I can change from Heat to Cool and Off, but haven’t hit any buttons because I didn’t want to go turning on my heat quite yet. I’ll have to try that when I get home. My wife might not appreciate the heat coming on unexpectedly. :grinning:

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