There needs to be a Troubleshooting category

I often come here seeking troubleshooting advice and sometimes I find it deep in a post on things, sometimes elsewhere. Does it make sense to have a troubleshooting category?

For example, for the past two weeks I have found that my “hub appears to be offline” comes up more often than not. I know the Internet is fine because my dLink App continues to work and I can see what is going on with the cameras. To me, the dLink software is much more reliable.

What must I do to prevent my hub from going offline? How can I tell why it is offline, etc?


I’ll second that.

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I would really like to see troubleshooting as a sub category under general discussion. The general discussion category is getting really crowded with troubleshooting threads at this point.


I second this as well. I find most of the problems asked on here are very similar and doing a search is very difficult on this forum.


If you also add a sub sub category for troubleshooting archives old threads could be moved there. This would be especially helpful for problems which have been resolved by platform fixes. :sunglasses:


General SmartThings Discussions: Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting Archives

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