The sun is shining on my thermostat

So, I cleared some bushes from my rear patio, and the wall has a high window over the main window. This morning at 8:00, my air conditioner came on because the sun can shine on my Honeywell thermostat. While the house was @75*, the thermostat showed a toasty 83*. Since I’d rather not move my thermostat, I’m looking at using Webcore to prevent unnecessary air conditioning.

I’m considering these options:

  1. My door sensors have thermometers, so I could program Webcore to compare them to the Honeywell. If the Honeywell is above 80, and the front door is below 75, then no A/C

  2. If the difference between the Honeywell and door sensor is greater than, say, 5*, it’ll prevent the A/C from turning on (They’re in the same room)

  3. Prevent the Honeywell from turning on A/C prior to the time that the sun shines on it. (Not sure how to find the $time variable, and how would I account for Daylight savings?)

  4. Have Honeywell work off the front door sensor instead. Is this possible?

Any suggestions on these? I’m hoping this can stop the Honeywell before the A/C is turned on, since I’d like to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the A/C.

Also, my children sometimes turn the A/C down very low. If I wanted to prevent this (other than locking out the device), would I have Webcore monitor the setpoint? What’s the difference between coolingsetpoint and mincoolingsetpoint (or maxcoolingsetpoint)?

I’ll be playing around with this for awhile, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks in advance!

I would just replace the Honeywell with an ecobee and place a remote sensor somewhere out of the sun.

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I would just replace it with a Nest, it has a feature/setting for direct sun and/or you can use a remote sensor out of the sun.

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…or you could use an Aeotec multi sensor placed adjacent to the thermostat to detect when it’s in direct sunlight, and act accordingly.

Well, I’m not going to replace a perfectly good thermostat, especially since I can program it with Webcore.

That said, I tried this, but I still get constant notifications afterwards that the program is done. I need to create a loop within a loop. Does Webcore allow for If/Then/Go-to?

Why are you doing a loop for actions you only want to run once?

A normal if-then-else piston is a better fit for what you want.

Try this:
If temp 1 > 80 and temp 2 < 79
Then with thermostat, send message and turn off (execute on piston state change only)
Else with thermostat, set to auto (execute on piston state change only)

@destructure00, that’s really what I wanted…but was hoping for a notification when the thermostat came back on, also. I was just having trouble trying to figure out how to program it as such. The problem was, I kept getting a “Thermostat back on” notification, which is why I was considering a loop-within-a-loop.

Got it to work. I incorporated Echo Speaks so it can tell me when the Piston is running. Very nice!