The smart home gets stupider by the day

Not specific to ST, but included here because it’s relevant. Amazon just killed their API for list apps. Thus the eminently sensible concept of “Alexa, add beer to the shopping list” will vanish for all the great to-do apps. You will be forced to utilize the Alexa list function itself - which means that anyone else who should have access to your shopping list must also have access to your Alexa account and have it installed on their mobile device.

The hazard here is that those folks can, either by curiosity or simple accident, mess up your smart home connectivity and routines.

Combine this with Amazon having decided that Alexa should be more, much more, than a simple servant, and it’s starting to become frustrating.

Why can’t these companies leave stuff that works alone? Don’t they grasp that, by demolishing interoperability, they are wrecking the very “smart home” concept they’ve supposedly been striving to create?


Yeah, and some of this is being driven by the push into AI. :robot:

As platforms try to build more AI features into their functionality, they need greater control over the inputs in order to generate the outputs. So we are seeing more locking out third-party stuff in order to maximize the functionality of their built-in AIs.

I think there’s a strong industry push right now towards “Walled garden plus matter” as a way of maintaining product differentiation, including in their AIs, While still reducing the pain of product selection.