The smart dashboard project

Thanks Ron. I can relate to your being the ‘technical evangelist’ in your family.


Thanks for the feedback Graham. I’m really interested in using POE, but have not researched yet… Do you have some recommended configs/equipment?

The dimmers are HomeSeer HS-WD100+… I’ve been very happy with mine, and use the multiple-button capability extensively. Here is a link to related info and the device handler

I’m glad you mentioned DakBoard: We recently added it, and are also happy with. Here is a quick snap for those who may be interested:


Thanks Darren. Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks GavinCampbell. Would you share a photo and any words of wisdom when it’s done?

I’ve got a Sibo Q896s touchscreen and seems to be working really nicely so far with all I’ve thrown at it. I’m planning on having about 5 of them, and one 11" touchscreen for the kitchen.

They’re about 1/2" thick on top of the drywall which is pretty reasonable, and have a really clean look installed. I haven’t been able to find anything true flush-mount at all (with suitable specs). I’ve just been bench-testing it so no installed pics yet (don’t have the house built yet, either, so might be a while :smiley: )

Oooh, I just saw this on HomeSeer’s site after looking into the WD100’s:
Definitely think I’m going to use a few of these!

Hehe, I see your weather API is down too - glad it’s not just me! Looks like something’s wrong at WU, their site’s giving me errors all over.

Awesome write-up.
Thanks for mentioning BigTalker.
I am due to release the development version as Big Talker 2.0 soon. The thread for that is here. It moves to a Parent/Child app structure which allows for more granular control, removes some limitations and addresses some bugs that exist in 1.1.12 and earlier. It’s been out for quite a while and lately, I believe I have only received feedback regarding feature requests and not bug reports. I just need to document the install, configuration process, new variables, etc which is kind of my hold back to final release (among a few easy feature requests).


Can you help me with this? I am trying to setup my Fire 8 with Fully Kiosk Browser and Dakboard as the screensaver and to go into Action Tiles when there is motion. I am getting stuck on the setup in Fully. And how do I get it to display the Action Tiles when it comes out of Fully?

If I understand your use case, you won’t actually come ‘out of Fully’. To set up for your intended case, do the following in the Fully Kiosk Browser [Settings] menu:

  1. In [Device Management] set the Dakboard URL in [Screensaver URL (PLUS)]
  2. In [Motion Detection (PLUS)} set [Enable Motion Detection] to ON, set [Turn Screen On on Motion] to ON.
  3. In [Kiosk Mode (PLUS)] set [Enable Kiosk Mode] to ON
  4. In [Web Content Settings] set [Start URL] to your ActionTiles panel URL, set [Username] to your ActionTiles User Name, and set [Password] to your ActionTiles Password

There are several other settings I recommend, but these should get you started.

Thanks for the help. I did figure out the screensaver and actiontiles parts but Fully won’t go into Kiosk mode on my Fire HD8

Has anyone considered using a Raspberry Pi and associated screen for the dashboard?

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I am guessing they are trying to keep the client end easier - The rpi will introduce a whole set of complexities you do not want in a consumer end system. You should be able to set it and forget it. Also, costs. The rpi would probably be about $120 per end point. The tablet solution is $50. Consider you deploy 7 of them over the house.

For POE - I found a cheap $8 adapter that does 5.2V usb on the end to provide power - might be worth the look to see if a cheaper tablet can make use of it, rather than have a POE tablet (the ones i saw were $400+)

Link for the adapter:

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This YouTube Video (Parts 1 & 2) were helpful to me.

DAKboard just added direct support for SmartThings. Now in beta.


Is there a way to apply for Beta participation?

The feature is in open beta within the current free and premium releases in the cloud. Simply sign up for the free service if you aren’t already signed up, create a screen, and you’ll see that SmartThings is now an available block you can add.

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I got my api token entered to authorize app and when I put in a smartthings custom block and view, it still says not authorized, I’ll try giving it some time, interested to see what it will show

@Joe_Mcnelly, it worked for me right away.

Damn, still won’t work for me, did the api auth twice now. Only got a cell phone with the app or website to use tho but shouldn’t matter

Post here for beta support:

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I got er thx