The Revolution will be 3-D Printed (new mobility)

Fun and interesting article from New Mobility Magazine on all the cool stuff wheelchair users are making with 3-D printers. ( or people are making for them for the cost of the materials, some through the charity “makers making change”.) Combine this with home automation, and it’s a definite life changer. :sunglasses: ( I want that dog treat dispenser!)

(ADL in this context means “Aids for Daily Living.” It’s a little confusing, because in the accessibility world it also stands for “activities of daily life,“ but you can usually tell from the context if they mean something you are trying to do, or a thing you can use to make those actions easier. )

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But Harvey doesn’t look too enthusiastic :wink:

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Pretty sure Harvey is thinking “how long do I have to sit here before you let me eat that cookie?” :wink:


That’s really cool @JDRoberts I have seen some very cool stuff around prosthetics made with 3D printers as well.