The real Temperature of a Room

So I am trying to determine what the temperature is in a room, for my three Nest, so I have at least three temperature devices in a room. A few motion devices and a temp/Hum device. Now as I have determined each device decides to get the temp at a different time and they seem pretty random. Some may check it every hour and some may take a few hours before it reports the temp. Those devices are in different parts of the room hoping that the temp changes more frequently based on where it is. Now you are thinking why not just create a DTH to get i more often? Tried that and still they are not very consistent. I have tried to average them, and a device may be way off so that does not work. Tried to say just the last one to report is the temp and that is very random and is not very accurate. If the reported temp is too cold and the actual temp is high then the heater comes on and you turn your room into a sweat box. And if it is reports too hot and it is actually cold , you can hand meat in my living room. So I am asking the group on any suggestion you may have to help me determine what to use.

Some temperature devices have configuration parameters that allow you to change the reporting interval or threshold, but you usually have to use a custom DTH to change them.

Most temperature devices sleep so if the device doesn’t have those settings you have to change the wakeup interval and request the temperature every time it wakes up.

Some devices only take measurements at specific intervals which can’t be changed so requesting it more often won’t do anything because it will keep returning the same value until it takes the next measurement.

You should be able to find the technical specs for the sensors and find out what they’re capable of and it would probably be helpful if you have the same type of devices in each room.

The information above is based on z-wave devices, but I think it also applies to zigbee devices.

Have you searched the forum to see if someone has already created a custom SmartApp that does what you’re looking for?

If you’re unable to find an existing SmartApp you could create a virtual/simulated temperature sensor for each room and use CoRE or WebCoRE to set the average temperature when any of the sensors in that room change.

Those SmartApps are really flexible so you should be able to add some logic to the average calculation that excludes the values that aren’t recent.

It would be time consuming to setup, but it should solve your problem. If you decide to do this you should probably use WebCoRE instead of CoRE because WebCoRE allows you to backup your pistons. I think that will allow you to use the backup as a template so you don’t have to start from scratch for each room.