The problem of equipment classification

On the latest version( of SmartTings APP, I found a strange problem. The screenshot is as follows:

The same product is under different categories!
A colleague happened to reinstall the SmartTing APP on an Apple phone, and what he saw was:

I reviewed the product information in Develpoer Workspace again:

There is no other setting information related to this product.
How to solve this problem?Who can tell me?

Hi, @chenjun!
I’ll review this with the internal team, as soon as I get their feedback, I’ll come back here.


Thanks a lot! :handshake:

Hi, again. This has been corrected, now, the device doesn’t appear in the Switch/dimmer category.

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Yes, i got it.Thank you very much! :sparkling_heart:

After modifying the product information in Developer Workspace, it is not necessary to attach DTH to apply for review. The following is a screenshot after I use this new feature:

I change the product’s name, the new name take affect, but the old name is still remained.

I change the two product’s category from “Switch/dimmer” to “Outlet”. In “Outlet” category, the two products are added, but in “Switch/dimmer” category, but the two products are still remained.

Obviously, this feature is actually a new addition rather than a modification, not the expected effect.

I’ll check this with the internal team, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Project ID (located in the URL of the Developer Workspace when you open it, the value after .../CPT-HUB/) of all the projects involved.
  • These screenshots and the ones of the product configuration

We’ll continue our communication there, thanks!