The Not-So-Smart SmartThings Home Hub

(Shelley Powers) #1

My newest smart home writing:

(Devesh Batra) #2

i also have had my fair share of issues with both ST and Wink hubs not triggering routines / generating false alerts and also getting false motion alerts on my professionally monitored security system which has woken us up in the middle of the night or made me drive home to check if everything is ok.

I have learnt to build in monitoring using 2 different systems for the common areas of my home to provide me with the redundancy i need to make an informed decision

ST detects motion, Alarm co does not … things should be OK
if both ST & alarm co detects motion or door open, then we have a situation…

Yes, its expensive to duplicate the number of sensors needed (under $700 for me, since i bought most of the items at list), but it does provide the extra piece of mind …

You could achieve the same using another hub and adding a second set of motion and door/window contacts (i would recommend using zigbee with one hub and zwave with another ). Not that it will eliminate the false alarm, but you will have the data to compare with another source

The hardest part was getting the wife to agree to having multiple sensors on the door and 2 motions in each room…