The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

(Jon Allsebrook) #127

Nothing is added to a room yet because I don’t want to add my wife’s presence to the room lol

(Kris Schaller) #128

Can you PM me with your account email address?

(Jon Allsebrook) #129

Done I have to you :smile:

(Idealerror) #130

So it shouldn’t be in there right now, correct? I was chatting with support and they said it should have come preloaded or be under recommended, but it’s not there.

(Kris Schaller) #131

Ah, no it should not be in there right now. We will deploy this to all accounts on our side.

(Idealerror) #132

Got it, thank you sir =)

Excited to try out this new feature!

(Jeff L) #133

Yea, they are shipping to folks who ordered directly through SmartThing before the rest of us commoners who used other suggested methods, e.g. Amazon. I’m in the same boat. I was told Amazon would ship “next week” along with those that didn’t pre-order. So yea, pretty much we got boned.

(Kris Schaller) #134

Very cool feature! :smiley:

(Scott Windmiller) #135

@kris, im not showing any conact sensors or switches to add to a room either…

iOS 2.0 Discussion!
(Jon Allsebrook) #136

Maybe we should strip out this bug stuff to a bug specific thread?

(Scott Windmiller) #137

Ahhh it might be because I have those devices not showing in a group.

If you had an existing group from the old app…it makes it a room and those devices cannot be assigned to another room. Its making sense now :slight_smile:

(Jon Allsebrook) #138

Mine are in things groups generally


We welcome all discussion and can create threads, but please make sure is getting your bug reports.


(Jon Allsebrook) #140

Want me to file a bug report through email as well Tyler?


Please - we do not generally track bugs posted to the forums. We have entire systems and processes and teams set up to diagnose and triage issues reported to



Anyone with Android get the updated App yet?

(Jon Allsebrook) #143

Ok kris just messaged me apparently groups are now
Migrated into rooms so I need to take everything out of my old groups and create rooms?

(Marc) #144

Got the new app and overall a major improvement in the UI. I cannot seem to figure out how to change modes. How do I change modes? Do I have to now make a routine for every mode change?

(Bobby) #145

My kids just watched “Trappin’ the Backson!”

(Jon Allsebrook) #146

And errr how do I remove things from the old groups? It’s hot here and I may of had a glass of wine but can’t work that out for the life of me!