The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

(Gary D) #107

Tyler, does that actually WORK? Have you checked to see if the physical pluggable module actually turns on/off (as opposed to just looking at logs?)

(yes, I have a reason for asking…)


Yes, absolutely.

These components run locally:

  1. Aeon Minimote device type
  2. GE ZigBee switch device type
  3. Smart Lighting SmartApp

(Jeff L) #109

Ahhhh crap. Yea, I’m using a custom device for my Schlage Camelot locks - and I have 5! That said, I CAN see why ST wouldn’t want custom code running on their hubs right out of the gate. That could cause some serious mayhem.

(Mike Maxwell) #110

Let’s see 20 discreet device types, stock device types in use 5… 20 odd smart apps, stock smart apps in use , maybe 3…
Has the link for local device types been published yet?


We haven’t published the list yet. I’m pushing for that soon!


Given that that same code was already running in the shared cloud, and smartthings keeps talking about the developer platform, I’m really not seeing any new issue here. What am I missing?

(Jack S) #113

Still no app posted yet?

(Benji) #114

Someone gets it… and you were all worried about security in your Home Automation a while ago but now want ANYTHING to run on the device that controls your entire home but more importantly, potentially the locks to your house without first at least having someone give the code a once over?

(Mike Maxwell) #115

Yea, I don’t get it as well, I think they would be happier for us to gank our own hubs with our crap code than dorking cloud execution…


We’ve already hit the publish button. It takes a bit to roll out.

(Psychoticide) #117

Finally received my shipment update from Amazon…order placed a month ago and my estimated delivery date is Oct 1st - Dec 16th. Very happy I pre-ordered from them…


It’s out. Something something

(Jeff L) #119

If I were ST I wouldn’t do this for security reasons. Their cloud infrastructure is fundamentally different than local processing so there could be a lot of potential for abuse. And since the code would push to the local device ST would have no way of monitoring it, evaluating it, etc. From a stability standpoint there are far more resource constraints on a local device.

ST is also adding another variable to their operational architecture - an architecture that is already waaaay complicated. They have to account for networks, their cloud, custom apps, customers Internet connectivity, multiple wireless protocols, all kinds of devices (good and bad). Any of those things can cause issues with a user’s experience. That’s a nightmare.

Anyways, just my .02.

(Jon Allsebrook) #120

I have the new iOS app! I can create a room but it doesn’t list any bulbs or switches to add as a device all it lists is presence sensors (it thinks the room is a presence!) and my quirky nimbus dials… What am I doing wrong!

(Kris Schaller) #121

Just checking, you have other devices besides presence sensors and the quirky nimbus dials right? :slight_smile:

(Idealerror) #122

I just updated the app… How come the smart home monitor is not in the app for me?

(Jon Allsebrook) #123

Hell yeah lol… Hue bulbs switches and fibaro sensors to name a few of the 63 I have!

(Kris Schaller) #124

You will receive it pushed to your account within 24 hours of the announcement.

(Kris Schaller) #125

Do you have ungrouped devices available? (i.e. devices not added to a room yet)?

(Jon Allsebrook) #126

That’s all it says when trying to add device to a room