The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

(Bobby) #262

The big switch is one of the apps that are listed to be replaced by the new Smart Light app, wondering what that means?



First to be clear, most of the time the V2 hub will have the same kind of access to the smartthings cloud that the V1 hub has now. So if you have apps and devices that work now, they should still work with the V2 had under the same conditions: the smartthings cloud is up and accessible, your Internet connection is up and working, power to your house is working.

Right now, if the smartthings cloud goes down, or your Internet connection goes down, then none of your SmartThing stuff will work. You press the button on your Minimote, the big switch app is not going to fire.

The V2 hub will have a limited ability to continue operating even if it loses connection with either the smartthings cloud or the Internet altogether.


so what people have been talking about is that, hopefully unusual, emergency conditions situation. The Internet is down. What will keep working with V two?

Obviously, anything which depends on Internet information, like Information from a weather service, won’t work. It won’t be any worse than the V one hub. It’ll be the same as that.

Some smartapps, like the new smartlighting SmartApp, Will be able to continue operating if you lose your Internet connection. So you open your closet door, the motion sensor detects you, the closet light comes on. That’s new with V 2. With the V1 hub, that light will not come on if the Internet is down.

With V2, if you had previously set up the smart lights smartapp to associate a minimote button push with a particular light coming on, and you didn’t use a custom device type for either the minimote or for that light, then if the Internet is down and you push that button, that light will come on. That’s new with V2. And it’s a good thing.


What all this recent discussion has been about is that just in the last few days we have learned of new additional conditions that might make stuff work more like V one then the new capabilities of V two.

In particular the following:

  1. there will be no communication between your phone app and your hub while the Internet is out. So you will not be able to make any new rules or toggle things manually through the app if you don’t have a working Internet connection to the smartthings cloud.

  2. officially published smart apps using devices with officially published device types that do not require Internet information will probably be able to run locally if your Internet is down. So smart lights with a standard device type and a mini mote should be able to continue to run the rules that you set up previously.

  3. (and this is the big new information) if a specific action uses either a custom smart app or a custom device type, it will not run locally until smart thing staff have authorized it to do so. So if your Internet goes out, you’re in the same situation with those as you were with V1.

All of which means in your normal every day situation when you have a connection to the ST cloud and connection to the Internet then everything that ran in V1 will continue to run in V two, including your Minimote actions.

In the hopefully unusual situation when the smartthings cloud is down or the Internet connection is down, some stuff will be able to run locally, but some stuff may not run. You’re no worse off than you were with V one, but you may not be any better off either.

I hope that helped clear things up. We’re spending a lot of time talking about a situation that hopefully will not happen very often, which is the Internet being unavailable, but it’s a big deal to many people.


In addition, we had hoped that local processing would improve the reliability of smartThings, but if most custom code isn’t allowed to run locally, it’s not clear how much improvement we may see. so that one has every day implications, not just the emergency situation of the Internet being out.

(Eric) #264

I saw comments about button controller going away…which is the interface to the minimote so that makes me nervous…I haven’t figured out what’s its replacement will be. We have I think 6 of them around the house and are used quite a bit.


The individual supersmart apps like smart lights now have the ability to assign buttons built into them. That was not true for the previous Shortcut groups. So basically instead of going to the button device and setting up an instance of button controller and doing the assignments there, with the new mobile app the assignments are done while you’re setting up the other use case rules.

(Eric) #266

I have been figuring that out slowly from the bits and pieces of playing here. Its a paradigm shift then in thinking of approach, from using that standard button controller app for interacting with minimote, to beginning actions from the controlled device (light, TV) and telling it the minimote can control it.

(michael) #267

Thanks so much for clarifying that for me JD I have four minimotes just want to make sure they still will be working.

(Don Roberts) #268

Hey All,
First post here. I’ve been mostly a lurker over the last few months and picked up a hub about 3 months ago. With how things have been going, I figured I’d put my 2 cents in…

I understand things can take a while, but has anyone even gotten a ship confirmation? I received the offer at 5:05PM PST and I received my order confirmation from my purchase of the customer appreciation bundle at 5:37 PM. I also watch SlickDeals, and that’s prior to someone posting the code there… I still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmations.

I understand I probably didn’t beat quite a few people on the bundle, but I had to have been the first 1-200?..

Just an observation. Look forward to posting here more and I apologize if this is in the wrong posting.


(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #269

Wow… in my case it is NOT ANYTHING! (c;

(Gary D) #270

It’d only have anything there if you had the v2 hub… and I don’t think the release has shipped (or been delivered at least) to any non-employee of ST.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #271

Many Beta Testers were recruited from the Community for a least a couple weeks prior to release, but the are restricted from sharing their experiences due to mandatory Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

I was not a Hub V2 Beta tester.

(Geko) #272

Unfortunately, just like the Button Controller, “Smart” Lights assume that any remote has at most four buttons! Why?!

(Gary D) #273

I’m sure that if there were such testers, that they’d be restricted from announcing that fact at this time…

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #274

I have a v2 Hub. And I have gone out of my way to move things from my own custom apps to the defaults presented in the app. My guess is that since most of my lighting is HUE, and most of my switches Intermatic, and my presence sensor is tied to a MyQ garage door, nothing will run locally as none of that has been approved.

It seems as though if any part of the app touches a non-whitelisted device (of which seem to be a precious few) or any IDE code, no local for you. I think those expecting local operation in their setups are going to be surprised.

(Marc) #275

Even more of a reason to stick to v1 for now…I think it will be awhile before we see the big advantages of v2. It’s almost like when Apple released TouchID, wasn’t really great until most of the apps supported it.

(JF) #276

Would it at least retain the current level of integration with Dropcam?

(Ron S) #277

I wish I knew, my friend! I have 800$ invested in drop cams and Nest cameras. :wink: and then there is an app called ‘Nest’. I wish these could be a part of the SHM. But well…

(Bobby) #278

Throw a couple of Arlos in and you know my wish.Oh and should I mention that Netgear was among the names that were mentioned @ CES. It’s mainly why I preordered v2.

(Ron S) #279

Thank you very much! I have no plans of running a home studio… 4 freaking cams, 2 kuna lights, regular camera, iPhone camera, my wife’s iPhone camera. Next time I am going to puke if I hear the word camera! :wink: aah, I missed the two iPads and the laptops!

(Seb) #280

Hi guys!

I’m new here. Been reading posts and waiting for hub v2 release to see if I would jump in. I was wondering if the previous packs and kits are going to be back in the Shop soon? Seeing the evolution of the system, I’d like to jump, but kits were more appealing to someone that starts…

(Jon Allsebrook) #281

Am amazed you were not included in the beta testing!!!