The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

(Beckwith) #236

Agreed. A developer can’t fix something they don’t know is broken.

Sometimes a frank comment in the forums bypasses official channels which may otherwise be clogged.

In my opinion, the SmartThings community is extremely civil. And when not, the frustration is understandable.

(Vishad) #242

Hey @Tyler – I see that you say button controller is going away soon. As such, I was moving things over to Smart Lights and noticed that there is no option to access the “hold” functions on the aeon minimote with smartlights-- we just get the options of buttons 1-4. This could pose a problem for those of us who use both the short press and long press functions of the minimote…

Otherwise enjoying most of the changes to the app!


Interesting! Thanks for pointing that out.

(Dan) #244

Set the “Button action” to “held” instead of “pushed”

(Vishad) #246

@ogiewon Well-- I totally missed that! Thanks!
@Tyler – guess that’s the answer then :smile:


Awesome! That was an easy one to solve!

(Geko) #248

Button Controller allows executing “Hello, Home” actions (now “Routines”) using Minimote or another compatible remote. I don’t see an option in the Routines to execute when pressing a button. What’s the solution for that now that Button Controller is going away?

(Chris) #249

We can only hope it involves something that supports the Enerwave ZWN-SC7…

(George) #250

So, in reality, Rooms is just a different rendering of Groups. Devices still have only one Group.
The net result of this change is to force a paradigm on us for that one dimension we could use freely before, but to let us have Things back by themselves where before it was Things or Groups.
Hopefully, we can get Tagging (multiple, open-definition dimensions) on the roadmap?
Rooms are nice. I also want to see my Temperatures, my Doors, the Upstairs, Kids Area, etc.
This was an incremental product change, an improvement for two areas for some, one for others and a loss in one way for some. ok. But, is Tagging or multiple dimensions for Things on the roadmap?

(Realy Living Dream) #251

LMAO. Sorry, but I had to laugh at this. At 6’4" I have no problem with the motion detected bathroom lights not seeing me over the shower curtain and shutting off while I’m in the shower. The 5’4" wife on the other hand is getting tired of having to wave her hands in the air every 5 minutes to turn the lights back on. I have had a few instances of sitting on the throne " thinking " for too long and have them shut off on me though.

(Realy Living Dream) #252

I’m not too inpatient . When I pre-ordered my V2, I am pretty sure it said delivery in Mid-September. I checked A-Z and they did not even have an expected delivery date at the time. So I opted to order directly from ST since at least it had an anticipated shipping window.

I just checked my order status this morning and under shipping is says back-ordered. So I guess I was not one of the lucky first batch to be shipped over the last 2 days. I’m OK with that because I wasn’t expecting it to ship for another couple weeks anyways.
I was nervous when I saw that they had started shipping on 3rd, because I had not even ordered my Harmony home hub and remote , and I figured I would just set them both up at the same time. So I ran to Fleabay and ordered the remote as fast as I could.

Now I can start getting jumpy with anticipation waiting to just tell Alexa I want to watch a movie and her her do everything but put the blu-ray in the player and hand us our 3D glasses.

(Joe ) #253

If you will go read my posts, You will see that I thanked you for correcting my mistake about the app and asked a question about the email? Which was received on my iphone. As I stated in my post. Nothing snarky there.

Your suggestion that I scan for virus/malware was meaningless to me, as I am not aware of how that’s accomplished on a non jail broken iphone 6.

I really am not interested in your opinion. I would like a calm response to my concerns from an adult who is in a responsible position at SmartThings.

(JF) #254

Will the video recording work with Dropcam integration?

(Ron S) #255

I don’t think so as of now as it was mentioned in one of the threads somewhere yesterday! :frowning: I am a sad owner of couple of dropcams and nest cameras.

(Ron S) #256

Only @geko has this capability!

(michael) #257

do I understand it correctly the minimotes won’t work with the V2 hub or just that they won’t work with some smart apps

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #258

I don’t remember anything stated about why a minimote zwave device won’t work with v2. I think you might be referring to local processing of events for that device and others.

As it stands right now, local processing may only happen if it is an approved published ST smartApp or devicetype. Anything in the IDE is cloud based only, at this time.

(Geko) #259

Sorry, I never owned Dropcam/Nest cameras and I don’t intend to.

(Ron S) #260

I meant the capability of excluding/including/reset/adding 200 devices in 3 hrs! :wink: @geko

(michael) #261

I have some apps like the big switch and Smart alarm. Will Apps like this still work with my minimote