The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

(Phillip Sperry) #207

Before reading this post, I contacted Amazon about the email they sent saying I should expect the hub between October and December. They credited me for the product but left the order open so looks like I am getting the new hub for free. Will update whenever it arrives.

(Joe ) #208

Deeply concerned that the new app sells me to third party advertisers.

Yes, my home is deeply personal. I use Smartthings to make my home more secure and convenient. The decision for the new app to place cookies from Credo™ to observe my browsing and sell this to third parties greatly diminishes my privacy and security and goes against the ethos that I believed was behind this company. I already allow smartthings servers unprecendented access to my home and my activities. You should hold that as a trust and guard it zealously.

I know that the information is “anonymous”, but I also know that any reasonably skilled hackers can break through that anonimity fairly easily. Now, you are increasing my exposure by a hundred fold. I am not sure the benefit is worth it. And this information has not been broadly and honestly told to the Smartthings community.

I hope that you will examine the implications in terms or loss of trust, risk to users, etc. and correct it - pledging to fight for my privacy and safety instead of selling it capriciously.



Privacy Policy for Gen2
(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #209

How is the app placing a cookie from Credo? This new version even removed the old admob tracking info from the app.

Please provide details on your findings. I am not finding any tracking cookies placed by the app at install or anything else.

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(Devesh Batra) #216

i ordered on ST’s site, but no shipping confirmation yet :frowning:

make matters worst, my v1 hub died, the replacement ST sent me did not work and now i have to get up manually control all my devices

Hopefully will get my new hub soon

on the brighter side of things, the new iOS interface looks nice, wish they had spent some time to make an iPad interface as well to use the bigger screen

(Tim Slagle) #217

We’ll get it to you soon! We are going to get them shipped in 7-10 business days.

(Darin) #219

Is it just me, or does the frowny face look more like “OMG, someone just murdered my puppy with a dull steak knife” face, rather than a sad face ? :slight_smile:


(Doug) #220

Yeah, I am major bummed at the email I received from Amazon saying my estimated delivery is between October and December! Makes me wonder if I should cancel it and order directly from the ST store.

I want to get started!

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(Doug) #222

Music to my ears! Thanks!


Man, some of you are brutal. I would never want to read these forums if I were one of their developers.

(Darin) #224

I bet its sort of like doctors or emt’s… the just get used to the gore at some point and it doesn’t phase them :slight_smile:

(Gary D) #228

Would it surprise you to know that I do software development for a profession? I also have one of the best teams in existence. We’re so good because we freely criticize each other to learn what can be done better. It’s never meant personally (and if ever does get to that level, it usually means that someone is about to be fired.) I WANT people to tell me when my work sucks as long as they can tell me WHY they think it’s bad.

My “brutality” here on this forum isn’t actually directed at any developer or particular person. In fact, it’s more directed in a general sense to ST as a company. Being that ST bills itself as being dev friendly and accepting of feedback, my hope is that my “brutality” is seen as prodding them to do better and showing the flaws as seen from outside the company.

Of course, by now I realize that ST is pretty much ignoring me (and, sadly, my support@ tickets :stuck_out_tongue: ), but if I ever stop trying, it means I’ve completely given up on ST.

OPEN LETTER or PLEA - Please give me some guidance about investing time in Smartthings

I’m very sorry if you’ve felt ignored Gary. We have lots going on here to share feedback - including yours - directly to the teams that are in charge of fixing and improving our software.

I also pinged the support team to have them check on your tickets. As you can probably guess we have a bit of a queue right now.


There’s a big difference between free discussion and criticism and making passive aggressive, non-constructive comments. I don’t know you or your history with Smartthings, so I am not here to judge. I just thought your comment about them “lying” to everyone was backhanded and kind of brutal.

I’m also a software engineer, and if somebody made comments to me like that I would just 100% ignore them. Again, I don’t know the whole history, but reading that comment (among others from many people over the months I’ve been lurking), it just seems like this community is relentlessly brutal.

(Alex) #231

We are just having a rough patch. People are pretty good here.

(Morgan) #232

:smiley: That is what makes ST so great, because the passion of its users. It is very brutal compared to other communities I’ve been part of, BUT it only takes one time for an Z-wave alarm to go off at 3 am and wake up sleeping kiddos, OR the lights to turn off in the bathroom when your wife is in the shower and yelling at you to have the passion.

I don’t have any other hardware/software combinations that affect me that personally, perhaps Cable TV or Electric Company and their customer reviews are pretty brutal as well.


(Gary D) #233

oops. I should have put an emoticon or something near there… Damn… I’ll fix that in a minute…

Actually, I have 3 open tickets right now. One is an issue I’ve been working interactively with someone on for a few weeks (and is more of an annoyance for me but isn’t being reproduced by ST), one is a cosmetic error that I reported more as a “FYI” than a problem that has any actual impact to me.

The third is a bug that probably only impacts a small group of people at the present time, but will likely impact a much larger group in the next few weeks (but can only be reproduced twice a day given my steps.) However, being that I’ve been reporting it for a couple of weeks, and never had any non-automated response in regards to it, I’m not sure what’s going on with it.

(I have another outstanding issue pending, but via other ST channels.)

(Bobby) #234

The world is changing. And simplicity is taking over flexibilty. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done and many loyal hobbyists will come out strong to get back what once we all wished for. I just said good bye to some of my favorite apps and integrations (I don’t have the time or excitement I once had to recreate the kind of automation I so badly wanted to implement in my home). I applaud ST for what they are trying to accomplish and I wish them good luck in their endeavour. In the end, if they succeed, I will have a system that is more reliable and less intricate, if they don’t…well other players in the market will get a bump in their market share. I know emotions run high, but let’s give them some time. They have a lot of work ahead!


Fair enough, that makes sense. I’m new here, so not trying to step on any toes just was what popped into my mind when I read some of the comments.