The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

Hi @Ben , new to the community and I’ve been eagerly awaiting and looking forward to new v2 hub! It should be a week or so now based on the last post.

Are we able to pre-order now?


Check out Amazon… It has been available forever now. :wink: Not sure about the ST store. Sorry, buddy! You missed all the action and welcome to the community!


I think he was referring to the pack not just the hub

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You can buy the new kit at Best Buy right now.

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oops! 20 embarrassed chars!

Ah that’s awesome! Thank you @smart, @jody.albritton

I’ve been searching the Canadian based stores … just place my order with BestBuy :smile:


I am fairly new to Smart Things and I want to know which presence/arrival sensor is actually the second generation sensor. When I google SmartSense presence sensor vs Smart Things Arrival sensor, the official Smart Things products site display the same picture for both. But I think one of them is round and the other rectangular. Which is which and what is the difference? Which one should I buy?

Thanks for your help!!

For that particular device, the only difference between the two is the outside plastic case. The internal device that actually does the sensing is exactly the same. You can buy whichever when you want, they will work the same. The round one is the older generation.

Gen 1

Gen 2

The attachment location for the second generation is a hole through the plastic case itself, not just the rubber band around it, so it might be a little more durable for kids.

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The rectangular ones are newer, but the circuitry inside is said to be identical.


Thanks for the quick response and the info. Much appreciated!!

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Thanks Brian, much appreciated!!

@dckirker Will smarthings get software update for Zwave S2 framework? or we need to buy new hub for S2? asking because new August smart lock supports S2 and i am wondering if i should buy smartthings now or wait until end of the year when hubs with S2 hit martket.

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What possessed you to resurrect this thread?

It’s 2 years old and I’m pretty sure everyone seeing it is getting excited till they open it and realize it’s the v2 announcement…


Has anyone created a device handler for the Landis+Gyr GRIDSTREAM RF Smart Meter? It has the Zigbee logo. A photo is attached.

I emailed Ameren Electric and they had no idea what I was talking about

From what I have read this meter allows them to turn the power off and on remotely. The Tin Hats are really in an uproar about this.

I am only wanting to monitor my total power consumption and don’t want to buy something that attaches to the mains.

SmartThings doesn’t support the Zigbee protocol used for power meters.

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First, as @Automated_House mentioned, it uses a different zigbee profile than smartthings does, and is not compatible.

Second, this type of device can only belong to one network at a time, so you couldn’t use it with SmartThings anyway as it belongs to the power company’s network.

Third, if you just want to get the information from it, there may be a way by adding an additional device AND getting permission from the utility company to do so. See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

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the batteries is these are crap and last 2-3 months… and the plastic tables break easily when swapping batteries… there is a thread somewhere about putting these is a plastic case with a switch and 2 1.5 batteries… that is what i did and they have now lasted over a year. i velcrowed each to the back deck of the cars.

Thanks to all for the education. You people never cease to amaze me

  1. how prompt and polite a reply is, even if the question has been asked before.

  2. the wealth of knowledge is staggering.

This is a very good group of people.


In Texas there is a website that pulls live data from the meter and makes it available to the home owner and the company processing utility payments. I use an Aeon HEM hooked up in the panel outside and sync it with the last meter reading so that I know where I stand each billing cycle… it is relevant mostly because I get a $100 credit once I hit 1,000 kWh in a month, and lose the credit as soon as I go over 2,000 kWh in a month. These past 3 months I have lost it due to the extraordinary heat… (or my HVACs are not working right…)

There may be something similar in your area.

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Duke Power in my area just installed smart meters everywhere, and I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to start running comparisons because they’re talking about savings like you have.