The Moment I've Dreaded

Tonight I learned I would be without wifi for 6 days. Terrible I tell you! The feeling of dread just hit me as I realized my “security system” would be useless. I think @JDRoberts has the right idea keeping security in the hands of those that do it all the time. It’s not a big deal that my lights won’t gently wake me up or that I won’t hear the weather on my Sonos. It definitely has me thinking differently about security though.

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I am assuming that you will be loosing your internet connection for days? As if it was just WiFi, that should not affect ST.

Curious what has happened to cause you to loose your primary connection for a time like this?


I think you should “trial” a 3g/4g backup network. :smile:

Also a good time to see how much you can move local (if you have v2).

This is the exact reason that I have refrained from using ST as a true security system.

For the family sake, I leave that very important aspect life to the professionals.

Good luck.

The power supply to my fios box is fried. It does cause problems with ST because I cannot access the app. The only local activity is anything that is “like” language. In other words, any zigbee motion sensor attached to a zigbee light still works. I’m pretty sure that was the case with the V1 hub though.

I am running the V2 hub. Maybe a 3G/4g trial would be a great idea! The reason for the length of the outage is that Verizon takes that long to get out to the house. The unit I have installed is know for dying if there is a power outage and we had one last night ( on purpose to replace a door bell transformer). So basically once the box fried, it started using the back-up battery. It ran until that died. The battery is only supposed to keep your phone line running in the event of an outage. I bought a new one and plugged it in to the Verizon box. It fired up so I disconnected the batter and everything went dead. I am only assuming the power supply is fried and they will have to replace it on thirsday/ Friday.