The Lowes Iris Smart Button, revisited

I searched for discussions related to the Lowes Iris Smart Button and found the relevant following discussions:
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Those discussions are over one year old, and I was wondering lately if anyone out there has attempted to get the Lowes Iris Smart Button working with SmartThings?

I was on the phone today with Lowes Iris Customer Support and asked them specifically about the Smart Button. First, I asked if the Smart Button is a Zigbee device, to which they replied “yes it is”. For clarification, I asked if the Smart Button is and actual Zigbee Certified device or if it is a proprietary form of Zigbee that works with Iris only. Their reply was that yes, it is a Zigbee Certified device AND it was designed to work with Iris. (Unfortunately, I neglected to ask if the smart button was certified to the Zigbee HA profile or to some other profile.)

So, has anyone been successful at including the Smart Button into ST? If yes, could the button control anything?
If no, what issues did you encounter?
I happen to have a Smart Button at home and will see for myself whether it can be recognized by the ST hub. For $19.99 each, I think it’s the perfect solution to restore local control to some of my lights without needing to find my phone, open the ST app, wait for it to initialize, scroll to the proper tile, then press the icon, just to turn on a light!
For now, I have a couple Intermatic HA07 controllers programmed to control my lights, but I do need to remember what each channel was assigned to do…i.e. Channel 1 controls the uplight in my family room, Channel 2 controls the floor lamp, Channel 5 controls the floor lamp in my living room, Channel 6 controls the other lamp in my living room…etc.
Yes, I am aware of those 4-channel minimote controllers, but sometimes all you need is 1 button.

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I would be interested in this as well, if someone gets it to work that would be epic!

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I’d be interested in the one button control as well. I do have a minimote and it’s awesome. You can actually program 8 different actions. Quick press and long press on each button.

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Please make this happen!

Last night, I took the Lowes Iris Smart Button and attempted to add it to my ST hub, but alas, it does not work. When powered up, the smart button flashes its LEDs repeatedly 3x. For other Zigbee devices I have used in the past, this flashing usually indicates that the device is ready to be paired with a network. Next, I went to the ST SmartSetup and pressed “+ Connect New Device” where the app goes into “Searching” mode to attempt to connect to any new devices. The LEDs continued to flash on the smart button, so no go on the pairing. I tried to restart the process several times before giving up.
Despite what the Lowes Iris customer service person told me, I found no documentation online or in the packaging that shows that the Lowes Iris Smart Button is a certified Zigbee product. The last time I checked on the product listings, I only found the Alert.Me Smart Button listed as a certified Zigbee product. Link to Alert.Me Zigbee product certification listing

I suggest that SmartThings contracts with Alert.Me to integrate their SmartButton into SmartThings, and sell it through the SmartThings store and/or Development costs should be relatively low if ST could somehow integrate the UK Zigbee-certified version into ST. …and if they keep the cost at $19.99, I guarantee this would be a winning product!


I have tried this device and their open close sensor months ago. Anything that is IRIS branded generally will not work with ST. If they are branded “Works with IRIS” they generally will work.

I’m going to guess that if a product that is marked “Works with IRIS”, and it also works with ST, then it is likely to contain a Z-Wave radio and not a Zigbee radio.

I just saw the post in the “Suggest A Device” topic…
Programmable Hardware Button
How about we all go to that thread and add a “like” or comment so we can get that request noticed? :wink:

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This option is a little pricey, but I believe it will be a killer solution to the “connected button” problem: