The light is on without any motion

I setting smartlight app set Light Stair turn on automatic when motion sensor at stair detected but I saw some error the light turn on by itself and it not any motion in motion sensor activity

can you help

thank you

Hi - so sorry if I’m reading this wrong, but it looks like Motion Stair 2 did detect motion at 0:45 (second from bottom, right hand column). So the automation triggered correctly - it’s the Motion Sensor that’s detected motion when there wasn’t any. They rely on infra-red, which is basically heat - so any heat source can in theory trigger them. Is there a radiator in the hallway, anything like that?

I can see that the Light Stair being turned on at 1:18 doesn’t match any motion active event from the motion sensors, and nor does it turn off automatically either. I have a couple of thoughts:

If ‘Light Stair’ is a smart wall switch, is it in a position where it would be possible for someone to have turned it on at 1:18 without triggering the motion sensors? And then not realised the light wouldn’t turn off by itself?

If ‘Light Stair’ is a smart bulb, does it have a dumb switch in a position where it would be possible to operate the switch without triggering the motion sensors? If someone forgot they weren’t supposed to use the old switch and turned the switch off and on at 1:18 a smart bulb would have lost power and then when it got power again it is quite likely to have turned itself on (because that is what many bulbs do).

I know that we all want local processing but I’d rather have reliability and the ability to see what did what. This is why I use webCoRE for most things. I can always goto the “Recently” tab to peak at what automation triggered an event. I gave up on SmartLighting and it’s ghost automations long time ago.


Is this a one off or is it happening regularly. The reason I ask is because lights and switches will turn on from time to time for no reason. Not very often but it does happen occasionally.

As rontalley mentions Webcore pistons will show in the recently tab letting you know which one activated the switch. I don’t use as many smartlighting apps as I used to as I have switched to webcore as well. I did look at a couple of mine that still use smartlighting and the smartlighting app also shows in the recently tab if it activated a switch. It looks like you just got one of those random events that occur from time to time.

I use Zigbee Switch Module Smart Home ON OFF Controller

don’t have another people in my house

Last night I choose motion sensor only one (motion stair 1), It still turn on itself without motion

It’s may be broken, I change brand new ,it normally