The Laundry Has Finished

Do mean just a push when the laundry is finished?

Correct. I don’t want to turn on a switch. Just want a push notification
from SmartThings

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I can probably do that.
I’ll have a look for you


Try this…

Please let me know how you get on.

Thank you so much! I will test it today.

Do I have to do anything to activate the app or it works automatically? That was the only part I was confused by.

you just need to install & publish it in the IDE then install it in the smartthings app on your mobile device

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Thanks. I have lots of apps installed but I didn’t know if it needed to be

I will let you know how it goes!

Works perfect.

Thank you for making that change!

@Cobra Just what I was looking for! Works perfect! Thank you, thank you!

You are welcome guys.


What speakers are people using to get the voice commands?

Any wifi or dnla speakers will work
I’m using ‘Jam Rhythm’ speakers

I have a few Alexa speakers around the house, any chance they could work?

Unfortunately if they are amazon echo then no.
Amazon to not allow the pushing of messages to play via speaker.

Ok cheers I will have to look for a Wi-fi speaker

How about using a chromcast audio?

This works perfectly - thanks Cobra!

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I have a simple question. I do have a number of wifi speakers (sonos) and they are on smartthings. How do I tell the app which speaker to send the voice message to? I don’t see an option other than to turn on/off push messages. am I missing a piece of the puzzle?

it depends which app you downloaded.

For voice you can use Message Central (at lot bigger/more complicated app with a lot more features)

Or try this…


Hi, I found this thread and am trying to use your smart app, but am not having much success. I do plan to dig into the code when I get a chance, but I wonder if you have any suggestions where to start. I have tried with two different power meters. One is on my electric car charger and the other is on my washer. I created the smart app and the virtual minute switch, but the switch never gets set. In both cases I set a realistic power threshold.

My first question, and where I intend to sdtart looking is, how does the app read the power meter?

Any help is appreciated.