The latest version of smarthings application is not compatible with my device

Hello team,

As I mentioned in the subject, latest version of smarthings application is not compatible with my device.

Also I have contacted support team and followed the troubleshoot methods. Not helped.

Also support team shared link to download manually. The version of apk not installed.

Actually I am using this application from Bangalore, India.
And am using Samsung M31S latest model mobile device.

Pls look into this issue and do the needful. Attached screenshot for your reference.

Which version of the apk did you attempt to install? I believe you need a version earlier than May/June of 2020.

Just be aware you will not have all the features of the newer versions but should get you a working app on your mobile device.

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I have the same thing. I reported it months and months ago and have been sent on an extremely frustrating ride to waste my time by Samsung!

Basically, they will tell you it is up to Google or your phone manufacturer. You are in a better situation than me if your phone is Samsung though, I’d like to hear them make up some guff to slip out of that one! With mine they blamed the custom UI overlay (all) manufacturers put on their phones, despite other models, with the same overlay, working fine.

Don’t get your hopes up about installing an APK though, the old versions are hopelessly broken so even if you get them installed, they won’t work properly and of course you won’t be able to report any issues because the first diagnostic step will be to upgrade to the latest version of the app.

You could switch back to the perfectly functioning old app… …if they hadn’t disabled it!

The support from Samsung has been truly shocking! I tell you this to hopefully save you the stomach-ulcers, pulled hair and hives but if by some chance you do make progress, I would appreciate an update in case it helps my case?