The latest iOS ST app keeps logging me out

I recently move from Android to iOS & Having the same issue on my iPhone 13.
The funny part is every time I log in again (with 2FA), Samsung sends me an email with the subject line “Thanks for Your Purchase Registration” with Model: iPhone and serial number : New serial number every time.

Please make the app show a sign-in msg as soon as the user opens it (if you can not stop the sign-out issue) and make face id enable for iOS users. So users don’t have to go thru all the processes.

+1. Logs me out every day for the last week or two.

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Well, at least I’m not the only one. Extremely irritating!!!

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I’m having the same issue but only on my iPad. It doesn’t happen on my iPhone. The only difference is I am using a widget on my iPad. I have not yet tried removing the widget.

I am still getting logged out but on the plus side, it’s no longer resetting the order of everything.

That makes the getting logged out part much less frustrating. Still annoying, no doubt, but only takes a minute to log back in rather than an hour to reorganize everything.


This is super discouraging. The current state of the mobile app is bad, but the fact that both this login and the presence issue have been lingering for weeks gives me extremely bad vibes for whatever dev team is left at ST.

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Jeez. I had not seen this, and I’ve not updated my app in many months. Possibly in fact since moving to the new SmartThings. Any temptation to update has vanished

Same here. Pretty poor support.

Constant log out here. Newly restored iOS and new app install
2fa enabled

Every day since I got a new phone. Latest iOS, 2fa activated. Every time I re-login I get an email saying login on a new device “Safari”.

I’ve had this problem since switching phones, as do all the family. Login lasts for two days and then Logs out, only use via widgets on iPhone to unlock the front door. How can this problem be escalated, is it a Samsung or iPhone issue?
Literally tried everything but no joy. Looking to go over to Hubitat but I don’t believe they have a iPhone widget. This really should be hard in this day and age.

Has anyone else in this thread had this problem fixed besides me?

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So what are you all planning to do, jump ship? I have a lot invested into this all but if it is not reliable then it is all for not and I will be out soon. The wife is starting to heckle about the reliability so things are escalating here for sure….


Removing the widget seems to have “solved” the issue for me. I’ve stayed logged in for 5 days now. Not much of a solution but there it is.

The latest 1.6.77-589 iOS app update has fixed the repeated pop-up to “agree to our updated Privacy Notice”. I’ve force-closed and opened the app 3x. Fingers crossed this is permanent.

Of course, there’s no information in the changelog besides a shameless “Flex IoT life with SmartThings” and “We’ve got some new features and we’ve upgraded our menu to provide better service.”


Same here. Have to login every single day with 2 factor. So annoying.

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Seems one of the recent updates maybe has fixed this for me. I’m on day five or six of not being logged out from the app. Crossing fingers…

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Same here. Now they just need to fix the issue with presence

Are the old ST presence sensors not working in the updated app?

Yes it solved this issue but now, I have to logging in out to make it works.

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