The iOS app not supporting badges

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that the iOS app does not seem to show notifications using badges (the little red circle with the number of unread notifications on the app icon). This is, I think, a big problem. You can find the notifications in the notification center, and they are shown on the lock screen - but the problem is that they easily get hidden/obscured by newer notifications.

The lock screen only shows the lates notification(s), so if some other notification(s) comes in, I will no longer see the smartthings notification on the lock screen. And the notification center in iOS … well, it’s just messy and I really don’t like it, and don’t use it. First of all, I have to actively open it, which requires an extra swipe. If I do open it, I basically just see this long list, often very cluttered with all sorts of notifications, most of which I have already seen. Badges is a much better way to work with notifications imho, then I can see directly on my home screen which apps have notifications and I can choose which app I want to open, instead of going through this fuss of making an extra click just to get this disorderly, cluttered and largely outdated list in the notifications center.

One obviously does not want to miss notifications from e.g. the Home Monitor, but that’s exactly what’s happened for me again and again because of this poor notification handling, so I really hope someone can look into this soon.

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Sadly they’ve got much bigger issues that have gone unresolved for years now with the iOS app - network connection “errors”, long status update and control delays, widgets that don’t work, missing device history, rooms and devices that randomly reorder themselves… I could go on and on. It would make my day if they spent some time resolving those basic functional issues, but despite tens of support cases, they don’t.

You know when they key update in your latest release is “the icon color of devices that are connected without changes in their status, such as certain hubs and sensors, was changed from gray to color”, that all hope of improvement is lost.