The Honeymoon is over

Who are you talking to? Nobody has offered to replace my hub…

I appreciate it and unknown I’m not alone with my problems. I wish the company would acknowledge the system isn’t as perfect as they wish it were. I’m not complaining because it’s fun and this thread wasn’t created by happy users… The amazon and apple App Store reviews speak for themselves, App Store approval is below. 50%. You can’t use the system realistically without the app (I’m not using a user made workaround though it’s nice they exist) And you’d fail out of school for such a low grade.

I’m sure not everyone experiences these problems and good for you if you don’t, really, but it’s been nothing but trouble throughout. I have about 16 devices and none work reliably.

Hue has one and a quarter stars on Apple’s App Store, and it works flawlessly. I don’t think that’s the best measure of a product.


For you…

If they worked perfectly for everyone and people liked the app which is also very important, it wouldn’t have such an abismal rating.

Amazon reviews in the system average to about a a 3/5 and a lot of people have voiced their dissatisfaction all over the Internet including this forum. So sure, if you ignore all the negativity surrounding the product it really is a perfect product. But I live in reality.

But the big thing about Hue is:

  1. The physical devices work very well with all kinds of aggression. So I would look at the Amazon ratings rather than The physical devices work very well with all kinds of aggression. So I would look at the Amazon ratings rather than after eating the app ratings

  2. there are at least four very highly rated third-party apps to control hues available in the App Store. So it’s more a case of the app that comes with the device isn’t great, but there are great apps available, and the devices are great.

“What’s your favorite hue app?” Is a pretty common article these days.

So that’s a deficiency that it’s easy for the customer to recognize and overcome.

Sure that’s fair. The original app is bad and there are viable aftermarket replacements. BUT SmartThings does not have a single wel known aftermarket replacement app let alone multiple viable replacements and the amazon reviews complain about more than the app being bad. Which reflects upon the system as a whole.

I’d love for SmartThings to reach out and send me a replacement (somebody erroneously said they did already, I have no idea why) so I could find out if it was just my hub or not but I’m not about to spend another hundred dollars to experiment.

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Keep your eyes on (it’s actually the Number 1 community built SmartApp… by @625alex).

Spread the word and it can become “well known”. Thanks!!


There are some very good aftermarket replacement apps for the SmartThings mobile app. The problem is they can’t fix the backend problems like the scheduler. So there’s only so much they can do. They fill a gap but they don’t improve reliability. So this doesn’t solve your issues, but they do exist as far as the App Store rating issue goes.

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Then Home Automation isn’t for you, on any platform because none of them are there yet.


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Lol!, after reading reviews on different home automation devices, believing Smartthings is compatible with over 200 devices, and having a $2,700 Samsung Smart TV, I bought the Samsung Hub. Negative!!OUCH!, won’t work with my TV. Time to sharpen my critical thinking skills!! Had I typed what I’ve learned into a Google search engine(SmartThings Sucks), I’d be eating steaks instead of tuna sandwiches!doh! This was to be the focal part of a high-end, security, & home automation system. The iOS app just scans away, looking stupid, and impotent, as drug cartels (jking) walk off with $10,000 of my equipment, loads it inside my $30,000 suv, giving me the bird high and mighty. Shoulda bought lottery scratch cards instead!

I have returned my Smarthings before 30 days to Amazon. It is a great device too bad reliability is a big issue.