The GoControl Smart Water Flow Detector

anyone have thoughts about whether this device will work with Smartthings? Here is the link to Nortek’s website regarding the device.

It would be a good addition to provide water security.

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It’s Z-Wave apparently…

So if in the correct frequency for your geographic region, it is highly likely to be compatible with SmartThings, but a Device Type Handler may have to be written from scratch.

Hopefully the vendor provides detailed specifications for developers, defining the various “clusters” etc…

If the vendor wants a contractor to do the work, please put them in touch with me.

Interesting, and not too expensive. I saw it priced at $87.99 (plus shipping) via Google Shopping. If this would only provide flow rates, I’d go with it.

FortrezZ released theirs, including a device handler and SmartApp. It’s quite expensive, but I do plan on getting one.