The End of Groovy Has Arrived

One of my key uses of Webcore is to control my Ecobee thermostat. I use it to send an instruction, via community custom handler, to set the thermostat to a specific comfort setting when all the motion sensors on a floor register no motion for a while. I think I could handle the motion side easily via a routine, but last time I checked, the stock handler for ST couldn’t set a specific comfort setting. . . .or couldn’t do it choosing till x hours, next schedule, until change. . .or maybe both. Will Ecobee be supported after the transition and does anyone know if I could control the comfort setting and duration? I assume it will be supported since it’s a cloud to cloud connection. I know I could just try out the native connection and swap back if it didn’t work, but getting the custom handler up and running was kind of involved and I haven’t kept it up to date in a long time so wary of tinkering with it if I don’t have to for fear of not being able to make it work again.

I know Ecobee has a similar built in process, but its only after 2 hours, so I wanted to shorten that time and figured I have motion sensors all over so might as well.

If the Device Type displays Placeholder for it in IDE… it will continue to work.


I’m honestly so deep down this ST rabbit hole that I don’t even know where to begin to make sure everything works fine come Sep 30th. I don’t even know if it’s possible.
I’ll end up just waiting for the date and then see what’s working and what’s not. From there, who knows.

Genuinely don’t even know where to begin. :disappointed:


Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but when the (automatic) migration of Smart Lighting to routines takes place, will these migrated routines be in addition to the 200 limit (as Smart Lighting is now)?

If not, and the routine count is already at 200 or the addition of Smart Lighting migrated routines breaks this limit, will the migration effectively become a full (or partial) discard?

Or have I missed something around the Smart Lighting status post edge?


I think the best place to start solving doubts is the FAQ questions page about the platform transition.
There are different things that will be automatically migrated. This shouldn’t need the intervention of users unless they’re using custom DTHs, please check this post:

They won’t be converted to Routines, there will be a separate plugin/feature for the SmartLighting app. I provided little more info in this post:


Yea I have many custom DTHs so I’ll likely run into issues come Sep 30th.
I have so many automations and so many things interconnected through Alexa etc that my head hurts even thinking about it.

Amen to that. Who has time to reprogram their lives all the time? :grin:


I use Ecobee also and have been in contact with Ecobee support since the transition to Edge was announced. As of the last update recieved Ecobee C2C connection will continue to work with basic features. They currently have no plans to add support for comfort settings to Smartthings saying IFTTT can be used for this. I already have an IFTTT account so tried it and it works almost as well as the Ecobee Suite smartapp that will soon end. Only thing I had to do was create a few virtual switches in ST. Hope this helps.


My devices haven’t been migrated over to Edge yet and many depend on custom device handlers and smart apps. Is there a way to trigger device migration earlier? The current approach of starting migration at the end of August and removing Groovy IDE support at the end of September leaves no time to resolve issues and keep my devices working uninterrupted. Can the removal of Groovy IDE support be extended until December 2022 to help avoid customer issues?

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I cant read every post on the forum so forgive my questions

Firstly, a new smartlighting plugin is excellent news, this will half the amount of routines currently used for an on off automation

With that in mind,

  1. will there be an increase on the amount of devices ST can on board and control ?

  2. will there be an increase on the automation limit ?


Well i hope that is the case and id love to be smart enough to volunteer but im really not :see_no_evil:

  1. Will there be performance and reliability improvements? It is absolutely horrible right now. Huge delays in triggering devices, or not at all. ST knows this already since I submitted a ticket on this, but I had to throw in my 2 cents because it is wildly annoying right now.


Will the API requests continue to work?? Like for example this GET request: that will return my devices.

Does anyone know if Webcore will be migrated???

Are you Apple John ?? Very very tentatively i have to say, in my particular useage and needs which no doubt fall well short of yours, my system is Ok, i dont really see issues

Im on Android using a Samsung S10, the app is crap, i have said that since day 1 of the new look which is now old, its slow, poorly designed and cumbersome

But things do work for me, automations fire and as a whole i am not affected by system failures

Just the app… IT IS ABSOLUTE … in need of a re design for able and disabled users

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Besides my post above, which is not simply about the Philio Pan-08 sensors, but about ANY Zwave device which used to add with stock DTHs but the fingerprint of which is now NOT included in any of the new Edge drivers, I would like to add a further query.

  1. What if my device, which matches an exact fingerprint in one of the ST issued Edge drivers, does not work well? I have tested a Wyfy 4-gang switch and (for the first time) I see that there is an improvement, with the switch showing as only one device, but when I press the tile I get four switches inside. Indeed a massive improvement. However, the switches are marked as Main Switch, Switch 1, Switch 2 and Switch 3. Main Switch and Switch 1 are basically one and the same thing (button 1), Switch 2 is button 2, Switch 3 is button 3, and there simply is no way of controlling button 4. So, in cases like this, is it not reasonable to ask ST for support - and a fix? How do I go about this please?

  2. If I understand correctly, if I install ST-issued Edge drivers from the ongoing beta, which I am doing right now in order to test at least one of each type of device that I have, will those still work come 30th Sep? My understanding is yes, they will, but I see conflicting posts above and would love to have a clear, definitive answer. It would be really unfair for ST to punish those who are carrying out some degree of testing and preparation.

  3. What about any virtual devices that I have set up over the years (or several months really), using the Simulated stock devices I found in the IDE? Will those be ported over to equivalent virtual Edge devices? Does the same apply to devices I created using the vEdge Creator V2.5, which as I understand, is a Community created virtual device creator?

Would love for someone from ST to give me (us?) some answers and peace of mind in relation to the above. Perhaps @alissa.dornbos or @nayelyz, please?

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Hi @fido ,

I’m on Android using a Samsung Note 20. Ironically app performance for me is acceptable. Could it use some user experience improvements, sure, but our household is more used to automations and Alexa and Google integration.

I am looking forward to Smartlighting again, but rhe app still falls short. I just moved off one of my most useful smartapps called Notify Me. That one app managed 70 notifications based on device activity like on and off, and open and close, plus it provides the device name in the notification. When i moved to Routines I had to create one for each device i had in Notify Me, and i had to not create several routines so that i kept away from the limits.

Maybe once the dust settles and the platform can officially leave Groovy to focus on the “new” that we’ll get some lost functionality back, plus new things that add value to users rather than Samsung advertising their own stuff.


Thanks, I’ll check this out.

Which homebridge plugin did you try? Was it GitHub - iklein99/homebridge-smartthings: Will be a basic connector for smartthings and Apple Home ?

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yes exactly. The only thing I am missing is scene support. The Scene API exists and it should not be a problem to add it to HomeKit

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