The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I have an aeotec 6 as well, last few days its been inconsistant at best, sometimes it is razor sharp at detecting movement other times it just refuses to detect anything…

See the following links:

ThirdReality Blind Thread

Peanut Plug Edge Driver (Available on CStup Edge Drivers)


Yeah, I’ve since looked again.
I don’t see any mention of candeo at all in there.
Is there a way to see if it’s on a plan to be included, or will this just stop working when migration finishes?

If a device doesn’t have an exact fingerprint match, then, under the new architecture, the system will attempt to make a match based on the device’s generic capabilities. (For example, under the old architecture, some candeo models paired using the stock Zigbee generic dimmer DTH – – they would likely pair to the stock Zigbee generic dimmer edge driver.)

And if the system can’t figure out the generic capabilities, it would just add it As a “thing“ based on its protocol which will allow you to switch it to another driver later if you find one.

So no hub-connected device gets left out all together.

this is detailed in the official transition FAQ:

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I have 2 IKEA TRADFRI Button remotes. One I manually updated to the Edge driver, the other I left with the DTH.

The one with the DTH just changed to Placeholder but the rest of the old “Show Device” table is still there. Zigbee Id, Device Network Id, Route, Metrics, Data etc are all still there. This is different to the one I manually added to get the Edge driver which does not show any of these old DTH settings.

The IDE is part of the old architecture. Once you change a device to an edge driver (part of the new architecture) and it says “placeholder,” the rest of the information about it in the IDE can be old or inaccurate. Just ignore it. The IDE itself will be going away once the transition to the new architecture is complete.

For where to get the information you used to get from the IDE, see:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

Any one in here have any of their Z-Wave fans converted to a driver yet? Three of mine did today according to the CLI but they are not showing the Driver option in the app.

I’ve had quite a few other devices convert today and they are all getting the driver menu option in the app as expected.

UPDATE: It seems it is just taking a long time for these particular devices but the app is starting to show the Driver option now.

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I had two fans convert today, and have another one that still says DTH in the CLI and shows no driver option (yet). Weird. Are they going for best two out of three? :wink:


Just to be clear, those that HAD converted to drivers in my case were not showing as such in the app. It took several hours for the app to catch up.

I still have 6 more fans that need conversion. But in just about every case for me, ST are not converting all of a certain device type at the same time.

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I’d trust the ST CLI and the SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All for what driver is being used for your device(s).


Agreed. That is how I am monitoring this.

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7 devices for me between Monday and today; looks like 3 iBlinds, 1 zigbee lock, 1 RGB bulb, 1 Jasco/GE fan (leaving 1 on DTH) and 1 device I can’t immediately identify. None of my Zooz devices have moved to drivers yet, except for the ones I added or re-added more recently…

And we know that the app caches data, so I’d kill the app on your phone and restart it and potentially clear the cache for the app.

Yeah, I know. But in this case that did not help. Just had to wait.

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How can users use the edge driver? What do users need to do?

It can be pretty much transparent to you. For the most part it will be behind the scenes. Smart things is updating the hub drivers and device drivers to the new edge format. During the process some of your devices may have problems.
If you read various posts here, you will find that some folks have created new edge drivers for various devices. They can be installed if you do not wish to wait. That is what I have done. However, most of my switches have already converted and I have added maybe three other drivers from folks.
Read the postings and you will find out how to identify your driver status as well as how to add the custom drivers.

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The official plan is that all the transitions will happen behind the scenes, and users won’t have to do anything. However, the road has been bumpier than that so far. :thinking:. Some of the new official edge drivers have bugs, or are missing features, so quite a few power users, including the people who typically read this forum, are using custom edge drivers instead.

If you want to know more about the details, see the community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Otherwise, you can just wait and hope you’re one of the lucky ones and everything happens automatically without you even noticing.


Progress continues to be made on the auto migration of devices to edge drivers. As of this morning I’m down to 8 devices that have not yet migrated:

6 - NuTone NWD500Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Wall Dimmer Switch
1 - Zigbee Switch, Inle Smart Light Switch
1 - Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.)

Still have my fingers crossed that eventually they will all get auto migrated.

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I’ve had one of my Kwikset 916 locks migrate but the other 916 and 914 haven’t. The one that migrated and the two that didn’t had the “Z wave lock” DTH’s. Odd one would migrate and the other two didn’t.

There doesn’t seem to be any perceivable pattern to devices migrating. Others have reported similar behavior where some of their devices of the same type migrated and others did not.