The End of Groovy Has Arrived

At least it’s something. Based on these threads, it’s been mostly quiet on the migration front for quite a while.

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Yeah, it looks like it’s moving again. Just had another device convert.


Woohoo! 4 motion sensors moved over for me. Guess the holiday break is over…

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I’ve had 2 presence sensors, 1 Z-Wave multisensor and 9 motion sensors move today. But I think they’ve been at lunch the last few hours …


The Edge driver is now in the beta channel if you are interested.


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I’m seeing most of my SmartThings motion sensors are now on the production Edge driver. It must have happened this morning since one of the motion sensors triggered my Intrusion alert response. So when they migrate devices over, it apparently can trigger a false motion event causing Intrusion alarms to trigger if SmartThings is in armed mode at the time.

Migration has restarted for me today
2 aeotec motion sensors migrated.
I still have 27 devices left on dth

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Anyone know if this candeo zigbee dimmer is handled by the stock edge driver?

  • application: 01
  • endpointId: 01
  • firmwareFullVersion: 01006750
  • firmwareImageType: 60
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4107
  • manufacturer: Candeo
  • model: HK-DIM-A
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

I looked in the switch and dimmer-remote fingerprints and didn’t see them.


Woo Hoo, 14 Ikea warm white GU10 bulbs have migrated for me.
Just 4 Ikea White colour temperature bulbs to go.
(Well one Secure/Horstmann SSR303 boiler actuator too, but that is directly controlled by it’s wireless thermostat; so not especially worried about it).

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I had both my 2 Smartthings Motion Sensors IM6001-MTP migrate to edge today. I changed driver for one of them to Mariano’s ‘Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc’, works well so far.

Thanks, does anyone know what happens if the fingerprints are not present in the stock SmartThings driver but are present in. Community edge driver (already installed on the hub) will the migration process just ignore the device or would it automigrate to the community driver?

Community Edge drivers that are installed on the hub and that have fingerprints that match the device are preferred over stock drivers.


The order is given in the official transition FAQ. Custom drivers are top priority if there is an exact match on the fingerprint.

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Ive had one of two Smartthings motion sensors migrate - I had assumed they were identical units so is it normal for one to be on edge while the other is unchanged? The first time I looked at the migrated device in the app the Battery level just showed as a dash - but this seemed to fix itself a short time after.

Isn’t this page Migration List supposed to be updated every week, with recently added drivers highlighted in bold?


For those still having problems with the Wi-Fi mesh hub models and edge drivers, there’s a new update that is supposed to help with some edge, driver issues, but not all. Note that you must have updated the Wi-Fi router side to the most current version or the home automation side won’t update.


The way I read that wasn’t as a week-by-week migration but instead a list of all the devices that we know have a new Edge driver available when the migration does (eventually) happen.