The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I figured once they migrated my routines, they would update the app, but not sure if that has happened. I still have the icon that is yellow with a white bulb and the two arrows circling around it. Looking at the UI, it seems like the old app to me. What does the new app look like for an icon? If I still have the old, not sure how I would transition to the new. If I delete the old and re-add it, I am thinking whatever automation is there will just disappear?

Sorry for that, I think it was a false positive issue on my end, but still seems like something funny is up with Smart Lighting for me.

Definately do not delete anything


I have just one Smart Lightening with capital L. How do i install newer version of smart lightening?

Which region are you in as it is region locked it appears and just because the old version is visible in Smartapps there is stil no guarantee the new version is available

Bottom of app


Top of automation page

Hit the + option


create routine

On this page bottom right choose


Scroll to bottom and select

Smart lighting

May or may not be available dependant on location


Since this question has been coming up quite a bit in multiple threads, I have added a community FAQ on how to create virtual devices without using the IDE. Three approaches are discussed: edge drivers (for if you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub), REST API methods including both the CLI and @taustin’s API + (which will work whether you have a hub or not), and the use of a physical device as a proxy.

FAQ: Creating Virtual Devices Without the IDE

If there are additional methods, feel free to add to the thread. :sunglasses:


Thanks. Did you see any downside to adding the new app? I was waiting for the migration to just do it as I wasn’t sure if by adding the new app it would prevent the existing migration from working correctly or not, but if I have to go in and build a bunch of new rules anyway, I might just bite the bullet and start migrating whatever is left in the old smart lighting. Mostly to routines, but a few of the gaps I’ll use the new app for.

I am in Europe… Can I assume that we happen to be in a region where the Smart Lighting app is unavailable? I don;t see any obvious way of installing it.

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Back when the new Smart lighting came out I installed it alongside the Groovy Smart Lighting. I recreated a couple of things in the new one myself them let it sit.

Something like a month ago all my remaining automations in the old Smart Lighting were automatically migrated to the new Smart lighting and the old version was removed from my account.


In the past it’s been available in parts of Europe, but not all. For example, it was available in France and Spain, but not in Sweden or Norway. I don’t think we ever did get an answer on why it was available where it was. Some people, I think in Denmark, were able to get support to install it for them if they asked. It’s always been confusing.


I had automations running in both but i was getting nervous so just bit the bullet and re created all the automations from old to new

Its been a bit annoying really because like others i had a ton of automations in SL from days of old, ST told us SL was to be closed and lost so i had to redo all my SL automations as best i could with automations… then ST changed there minds and here we are, SL is staying


Well - I am in Malta, and I guess too tiny to appear anywhere on Samsung’s maps.

How would I know whether it is available though? As in - where do I go to check whether I can see it?

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Biggest downside I see in Smart lighting is that any devices used in the SL routines do not have any indication that they are used in SL when you view the device like occurs with regular Routines.


100% agree… many moons ago devices showed all there connected automations inc SL and Echo… it got removed like many other useful features

And more weeks go by and still no Smart lighting in Australia. Every week I check the bottom of the “Discover” Tab!
And still not the slightest explanation why it is missing!

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It is a mystery, on a side note, what temp you got outside at the mo ? As a Pom its important to me so i can be more jealous

23°C at moment, 7.15am.
Est max just 27 today.
Maybe we should have an app to trade some weather?
Hope your not suggesting that my Smart lighting just melted away :thinking:

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23 @ 7:15am… AM !!!

Lucky £#@t@£d :smile:

Trade ya. Just came in from shoveling 25+ cm of snow

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About the same amount of snow in Ottawa too, and I am only ‘mostly’ done shoveling

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