The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I don’t think that’s always the case, but not sure how it works.

I recently installed a switch that has both a DH in the IDE and a manufacturer’s Edge driver installed. It picked up the Edge driver on installation. (The stock driver for this switch has not yet been moved to production.)


I have A led color strip (from Lidl uk) which was using an edge driver.
I decided to see if there was a standard driver available for it.
So I selected switch driver and there was a smarthings driver “Zigbee Switch” listed
I picked that driver and it now only lets me adjust brightness and colour temperature.
The ui shows colour wheel etc, but changing the colour has no effect. Also switching it (ie changing the colour to blue etc) using alexa has no effect.

I cant switch back to the previous edge driver and it no no longer lists it as an option for “switch driver”

Any ideas?

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That is all. :disappointed_relieved:


Very appropriate, @JDRoberts !!!

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Depends on whether the fingerprint of the device matches the custom DTH or not. According to @nayelyz , custom DTH is still preferred over Edge drivers.

You can use CLI or the API Browser created by @TAustin

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I know it’s a very old book so I’m not sure everyone will get the reference, but I read it in an engineering class and really liked it. And, yeah, definitely sums up how I’m feeling! LOL! :wink:


Well, what’s published and what I’ve experienced are diametrically opposed.

I have a bunch of Inovelli LZW31-SN Dimmers. The are all running on the Inovelli LZW31-SN DH, which is specific to that switch alone. That DH is still in the IDE. They have not auto-converted to Edge.

I recently added the Inovelli Edge drivers and then added another LZW31-SN dimmer. It picked up the Inovelli Edge driver. From what’s published, the switch should have picked up the DH, but it didn’t.

I’d say it sums up how quite a few folks here are feeling, even if they don’t know it!

Don’t recall where I read the book, some computer class I think.


Is the fingerprint on the DTH commented out?

If not, then the priority of a matching DTH and Edge driver have changed to Edge.

Makes sense, once they disabled editing of DTHs you couldn’t migrate one at a time anymore.

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Haven’t edited that driver since adding it a couple years ago. Also don’t see anything relevant commented out and the fingerprint is not commented out.

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Which one was the original driver?
Only compatible drivers with the device appear in the “switch driver” option. This means that drivers must have the device’s fingerprint or a generic one that supports your driver.
Also, something important to note is that, when we change the driver of a device, the configuration lifecycle isn’t triggered again by default, the developer would need to explicitly call this function. Otherwise, any special configuration during this process won’t be executed.
To check if the device doesn’t actually work with a certain driver, you need to delete it for a fresh installation.

For powered devices, I run the same configuration sequence in driverChanged events as I do added. This makes sure the device is setup properly. You also need to run the default handlers to set provisioning correctly.

Yeah, I meant “by default” as part of the switch driver process. Sorry for the confusion, I just edited my comment.

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Sorry, I stupidly didn’t note that.
I have installed a custom edge driver zigbee light multifunction Mc

It works well with that, but like I say it doesn’t work properly with standard stock edge driver which is offered as zigbee switch

I think the fingerprints of the device are _TZ3000_riwp3k79

But I can’t see that in the ide any more

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Interesting to note that the stock drivers for devices that have been migrated are now included in the list of installed drivers. (From the @TAustin info viewer)


Anyone else notice any oddity with Sonoff ZBMini after they were migrated to Edge?

I had zero issues with them prior to the migration, but now I sometimes see when a routine switches the switch off instead of going from being on to ->OFF instead it goes from being on to ->OFF->ON->OFF

I have an alexa routine and a virtual switch to announce the heat going on and off, and it also announces this sequence.
Any clues what could be causing this?

|Mfg Name |SmartThingsCommunity|
|Room |Heat|
|Presentation ID |dc51981a-71db-3f67-a30b-150d778cd741|
|Type |ZIGBEE|
|Parent Name |SmartThings v3 Hub|
|Driver Name |Zigbee Switch|
|Provisioning State |PROVISIONED|
|Local Execution |yes|

I’m already seeing WebCORE pistons starting to fail, even though they were supposed to be safe until end of December. Most of my devices have still not migrated. Anybody else noticing this?

Yes, any WebCoRE piston I have controlling my Iris garge door opener fails, I think it might have to do with the DTH being switched to and Edge Driver for the garage door opener.

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Further oddness…
The 9.15pm routine to switch downstairs heating resulted in off,off,on appearing in the history in that order.
But the app shows that the status of the switch is “off” despite the last entry showing as on.
This is annoying as I had been controlling heating with great success for the last year, it’s casting a shadow on reliability, and I’m struggling to see how to troubleshoot it.
Is there a better edge driver for this other than Smartthings “Zigbee Switch”?