The Echo-System needs a 'cron' function

I just got an Echo Dot last night. Cool little device, and I look forward to integrating it into my smart home. One thing I notice right away is that it hears you, clearly, from not only across the room but from a different room!

Anyway, one of its weaknesses immediately became apparent: it does not play well with most Bluetooth speakers. Because most of them will time out and shut off if they receive no input for X minutes. I solved that with the android tablet using a scheduled beep in Tasker every 12 minutes; it would prevent my speaker from disconnecting and shutting down after 15 minutes. But Alexa has no scheduled events functionality! And IFTTT seems to only allow 15 minute variability, which unfortunately allows the speaker to time out.

So I still have to have Tasker accomplish this. But instead of beeping every 12 minutes, it will have to send a trigger to IFTTT - which when it receives that trigger, will say something or play a sound via Alexa. Haven’t figured out the logistics yet, but that seems the path to take.

Just a followup. While the cron function is missed, the Echo Dot device itself is great. It’s significantly faster than the google- Tasker- method: you say a command, it says ‘ok’ and the job is done.
I’ll likely never use it to play music, so I can live with the tablet (which will retain its smarttiles and security camera functionality, along with other things) staying connected to the Bluetooth speaker.