The Dashboard on Android Phones

The default behavior of always having one of the sections partially disclosed means the user can not quickly glance at the status summary of all sections. Two are off the bottom of the screen, meaning you have make two or more swipe actions to bring them into view.

Please consider having all sections collapsed by default (or at least a preference setting for users that would prefer this behavior).

Thank you.


I reported this way back during the Android beta. It is quite annoying.

If you notice the IOS videos don’t do it this way so I would think the next Android release (which we are anxiously anticipating) will resolve this.

The new iOS design collapses all sections by default, and from what I understand the android update (this month?) will do the same.

That’s my understanding as well egid.


Hmmm… Guess I need more chars to post reply so here they are. (c;

Regarding V 1.6… Nicely done guys!


Agreed. 1.6 Android greatly appreciated!

Love 1.6 Android! Great work!