The cat's lost

Last nite my wife accidentally let our old cat out. We looked around and called him for a while. We realized that we would have to look around the neighbourhood for him. What if he comes home while we are away from the house. I took a motion sensor from the house and set it up to alert anytime and placed it at the door. We walked around calling him for hours. Finally we when to bed. It started raining. At about 1:30am the iphone chimed an alert " Motion at the front door ". I immediately jumped out of bed and there he was wet and cold.
Happy to have him back and glad to have Smartthings.



Love this story!!!

@ben check this out!

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Love this story too!!! We have a similar situation and we are petrified of loosing her! So she has a presence sensor on for now and I ordered a Tile (hope it comes soon) so that I can try to find her if she gets out… For me we caught her on the DropCam (triggered by motion) of the backdoor and found her last night trying to get away before she was out of range for the presence sensor…