The biggest HA turkeys of 2015

Inspired by the CNET “The biggest tech turkeys of 2015” was thinking that we could fry some of our own HA big fat turkeys of 2015!

Mine are:

Lutron Caseta - though nice switches and pretty reliable, I came to realize this year that HA is all about interoperability and that propitiatory wireless technology has no place in my HA set up…Costly turkey but they had to go!

Wemo Insight - Amazon Echo’s one of the first supported IoT devices was a tempting offer to gain voice control. Well after many set backs, they also had to go. Replaced by Leviton Z-wave outlets, cannot be happier for the decision made.

Philips Hue Tap - such a great idea to change Hue scenes, it turned out that is too expensive for its clunckines, we end up rarely using it.

What’s your HA turkey of the year?

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Harmony Ultimate (not)…
Harmony’s line of remotes in my mind represents the best of the worst…
While the integration works well enough currently for me to not toss the thing in the bin, the wife hates the remote, I have the remote, I hate harmony’s lack of detailed configuration options, and their IR response times are stupid slow, and has been in every harmony remote I’ve owned. Their HA support is poorly bolted in, an obvious afterthought as it’s managed completely differently than AV devices.


My biggest undercooked turkey of 2015 is SmartThings V2 hub, due to its unfulfilled promise of local processing, Bluetooth Smart, USB and some other trimmings. :smile:


I knew that was coming… I just wasn’t sure from who. :smile:


Thumper… What did your father tell you?


Leviton switches. Big, clunky, overpriced switches. [quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:1, topic:30082”]
Lutron Caseta - though nice switches and pretty reliable, I came to realize this year that HA is all about interoperability and that propitiatory wireless technology has no place in my HA set up…Costly turkey but they had to go!
[/quote]I’ll buy those Lutron Caseta in-wall dimmers from you, if you’re willing to sell.

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Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s not my fault they released an unfinished product despite numerous statements that they won’t release it “before it’s ready”.


Just observed a couple things: a) you are pretty entrenched in this technology, b) most of the time are an advocate, c) extremely knowledgeable about this product, d) have become recently fairly critical about a product that you obviously love.

You obviously want progression and improvements faster than ST can deliver. You’re probably not alone.

Is there a better avenue to provide feedback to ST?

I’m fairly new to ST, but have a software development background at both a programming and executive level. I understand both sides. I realize that everytime someone says that I didn’t fulfill their expectations, my natural tendency is to focus on fixing someone else’s issues who was less critical or maybe even supportive.

This isn’t entirely directed at you specifically, we have plenty here who are obviously frustrated. I remain optimistic that this product will occupy the largest share of the HC marketplace soon and along with that will come many of the things we are hoping for and that they have promised.

I’m my opinion it’s the already best of what’s available today.

A year from now you can cut and paste this back to me. :smile:

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A possibly ideal method is a process/system we have requested a long time ago and many times … and @Ben says is still being considered as a possibility:

i.e., An organized public feedback system (for both feature requests and unresolved bugs).

There are several available in Software As Service form, such as UserVoice Product Management.

The concept is to put feedback out to the public for comments and votes; it helps product managers and other departments recognize the “pain-points” and even get some great ideas for enhancements.

But… since we’re on the “HA Turkeys” metaphor: That type of solution really can result in “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrom.


I don’t think profiling users of this forum is an exercise worth spending anyone’s valuable time, but thanks for looking anyway. :smile:

Back to the topic of “turkey”, I stand by my assessment. The intention of this thread is not to provide feedback or solicit help from ST. Take it for what it is, a light-hearted, holiday-inspired joke with some grain of truth. :smile:

Posted with respect.


My biggest turkey is the Kwikset 914 lock that doesn’t know if someone turned the lock by hand. Somehow it’s officially supported by SmartThings, I guess the bar isn’t set very high for operability. :smiley:

And the stuffing would be my Cree Connected bulbs which have a buggy as heck ZigBee implementation. I gave the 10+ I bought away, and now use Osram / Sylvania.

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I would have to say…

  1. motion sensors (turkey) - slow and unreliable. If they detect motion then it’s take a few seconds to turn on the lights… Unfavorable when walking into a garage. (Ecolink motion detectors).

  2. GE link bulbs (dressing) - actually not their fault, but mine. I started out with about 30 of these in my house. Within 6 hours of a month long in-law visit it blatantly clear that switches were the way to go. Otherwise, the bulbs were good. (I am selling these if interest).

Other than that I am building slowly AFTER doing my homework on the subject. So, the rest of my stuff is pretty good, though I’m still trying to decide on a solid contact sensor. The iris sensors are small and have temp, but they seem to eat batteries. The ecolink sensors are large and bulky, have no temp sensor, But are rock solid. They are just a lot more expensive than the iris ones.

The PEQ 3 Series Door & Window Sensors have been fairly solid and good with batteries. They still sell them at Crutchfield for $24.99.

Does that mean the lutron switches are already gone @SBDOBRESCU ? I would definitely buy or trade some of my system!!

FWIW, I have a couple of the Hue Taps. I’ve gone up, down and now up on them. I bought one as the concept looked very good. Then I started using it and decided it was not flexible enough. Then I discovered it could be configured so a button would control different sets of actions on successive clicks, and I liked that enough to get a second Tap.

I wish it was much cheaper, though.

Really? My EcoLink detectors are instant? I do have mine permanently set to ‘test mode’ and it’s instant reporting all the time. The batteries are apparently still at 100%, not sure I believe that but they have been running for almost 6 months permanently in ‘test mode’ though.

My HA turkey of 2014 and 2015 is definitely the GE Links, that firmware bug can do one.

Yeah, I have a lot of trouble with both of mine. I’m about to move them both out to the front porch and I think I will set them for test mode as well. But in the garage I can stand right in front of it and do jumping jacks… Nogo! So, I just bought one of the ceiling mounted ones. It had good reviews here in the forum and it was on sale… Gonna put it in the garage.

I have somewhere around 24 of the GE link bulbs. I have had trouble from exactly 3 of the bulbs. One outside in a porch light, it kept dropping offline and reconnecting as a thing. I moved that one inside and no problem since. I had two in my kitchen that would just stop responding. They were in recessed fixtures. So I moved them upstairs into recessed fixtures as well… Been good ever since.

Is that the bug everyone is talking about? I love my GE links… Overall they have been awesome.

They were definitely rock solid when connected to a wink hub. They were complete crap when connected to the hue hub. And they gave been rock solid on the ST hub since V2 release and setup.

Strange about your Ecolinks, mine have been flawless but then I’ve never tried them in anything but ‘test mode’.

That sounds like the bug with the GE Links pretty much, I have 18 of them and had a hell of a time on the Wink hub, when I moved to the ST hub they were rock solid but then the ST hub was in a different position in the house, then I had one drop out after a few months and within a few weeks I had a load more drop out… since then they’ve been rock solid again! Strange…

GE link bulbs? I’m interested.

Send me a pm and let me know what you’re looking for.