The Android App

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Let me start that I have been away for a while and that I am trying not to make this a flame thread as this app is now the must frustrating thing on the planet. The Android App, while never perfect, was at least useable in its last form. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the app is setup at all. There is no flow to how things are setup, viewed or controlled.

I must ask, what possessed some programmer to bestow upon us this demon?

-. Why must the upper left corner menu button always take you back to the dashboard?

When programming my items I have found that if I enter a submenu by mistake, the upper menu button is not a back button but a MAIN MENU button. Tapping this deletes all of the things you have previously done and zaps you strait back to the dashboard. There is no way to step back one menu level just the ability to go back to the dashboard. GIVE ME A WAY TO GO BACK ONE MENU!!!

-. Who said I wanted the dashboard as my main screen.

To me, the dashboard is about the most useless screen there is. If given a choice I would delete the dashboard. I would rather be able to set the things screen as my main screen. GIVE US A CHOICE!!!

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@kg4fku I personally like the dashboard, but I am new with ST so this might be me just having not been used to the prior app. I do agree thlough, that you should be able to set what you want for a Home screen. I would not mind being able to set a home screen along with the devices and information that you want to be on that screen.

Yes, that upper left corner navigation is a design mistake. It makes use of the app a pain. I hope they redo that soon.

My app crashes several times per day, especially after I use the phone’s back button to avoid being navigated back to the dashboard. Also, my tiles have begun to fail to show real time status “open” “closed” etc after I added more devices. I opened a support ticket and got a hub fw update but didn’t really fix the problem. Even going back to the dash and back into things often does not solve the problem, nor does a forced close and restart of the app.

Yes, the android app is buggy and sloppy but at least device control always works even if status is delayed. I expect the app to get better and I appreciate the pain of adding more features which results in new bugs.

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I have the app on three different Android devices and don’t ever recall seeing it crash. The back button works as intended, going back a step at a time. Seems sensible to me… ya wanna go back one screen use the back button, ya wanna go all the way back use the menu widget. I think it would be pointless to have the same behavior tied to both buttons.

I agree it would be desirable to have a preference for the landing page, but then how to get to dashboard from it? Personally, I’d like to see a lot less wasted screen real estate, and a tabbed interface that alleviates backing up to the dashboard to move to another area… but until then, I’m thankful for one tap to get back to the dashboard.

The app comes back to where every you leave off. If you spend all your time on the Things view, when the app loads next, it will be at the Things view. (also I brought the title limit down to 10 chars)

It’s never done that here. It always opens to the dashboard.

my android always opens to dashboard as well

I am checking, this may be a remaining area on non-parity with the iOS app.

One thing I find frustrating is the extra steps it makes me go thru to work around the app’s inability to set my location to “away”. I go to work in the morning and maybe 1 time out of 10 it sets my mode to “away”. I’ve gotten used to this, the mobile presence barely works, so when I walk in the door at work (hoping that I haven’t been robbed in the meantime since all the motion sensor notifications are inactive) I reach for my phone and open the app so I can manually change the mode. The last time I used it I was on the “Hello Home” screen that has at the bottom “Change mode and more” and thats where it comes back to. I notice that all the log messages are gone, I just have an empty screen that says “Change mode and more” at the bottom. So I click on the bar that says “Change mode and more” and what opens is a stretch of blank white screen. Can I change the mode? No. I have to click one of the buttons up at the top to go back a screen, then click on the icon at the upper right to show the log; now “Change mode and more” is again at the bottom and if I click on it I now see my mode choices.

It looks like there is difficulty in getting Mobile Presence to work. Is it possible to get the “Change mode and more” screen to persist? This seems to have something to do with the phone locking; if I am on the “Change mode and more” screen and minimize the App and then reopen it, things are still there.

I have both Android and iOS devices in both sizes, phone & tablet.
I naturally find the different behavior on the different platforms awkward.
The iOS has a back button. It is a Dashboard button on android.
That makes no Sense.
That the Android platform has a built-in Back button is a native feature.
That makes sense.

Three wishes:
-one Model, multiple consistent Views (fix inconsistent dash view)
-User configurable Dash Groups
-Responsive Design.

Bonus Credit: Dashboard-level home Status w/Hello phrases instead of having to go to two opposite sides of the menu

@miket try integrating life360 as I described in this post: Made a Mobile Presence Solution That Works (Android/Root)

Mobile presence has been working as expected since I setup life360 integration. One other thing: you would have to remove any smartapps that use your mobile presence today and replace them with your life360 presence.