The All New "Apple Tv" AppStore & The Doors It May Open

Soooo to all those who didnt watch Apple’s latest event . . .
They have released a new Apple TV device and remote (as expected) . . . .

But the bit that interested me most is . . . the fact they are doing an APP STORE for the TV with an API now available for all developers on apples books (11M+ apparently) with some rather cool features and options in my opinion . . .

Will this be a quick way to add Notifications to your tv from smartthings maybe ? a proof of concept so to speak.

for example: Send a short stream of video in a “PIP Notification” format to the apple tv, to alert that someone has “Pressed The Doorbell” and to show them who it is from an associated camera . . . then give a user the option to “Open Door Lock” straight from the tv (click on screen using remote or siri in remote)

it seems like it could be a nice extra feature to have for anyone who doesn’t have one of the latest cutting edge tizen samsung tv’s (which are the only ones that will apparently have such an ST integration from the samsung collection) which is a real shame when 40% of the tv market is samsung (i have two - a 2013 & a 2014 smart models) and even more so annoying, when samsung can send me notifications of app changes and removal daily, but they wont allow ST to send me notifications about stuff i actually care about (I Suppose its a great way to get there early adopter market to go replace there tv’s with nice new expensive tizen models . . . )

Thoughts and ideas on this ?

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I was surprised they didn’t mention HomeKit at all for their new AppleTV. It looks cool…but you still have to be subscribed to all those TV services to really take advantage of the device. Now if they allowed a windows share to be mapped that would be a completely different story but I doubt that would happen.

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With app store on ATV it is possibly. Like if synology comes with DS Video app on ATV that will solve my issue streaming video’s from my synology.

Totally sideways but potentially important but for what it’s worth:

In much of Europe, it is illegal to do a Notification which overlays any part of the program video. This has to do with censorship.

You can get around this with split screen or picture in picture as long as you show all of the original program and just have the notification off to the side.

It’s something that has affected a number of video security systems being considered offered for sale in Europe. They just can’t work quite the same way they work in the US.

To be honest, I don’t know if there’s a distinction between the UK and, say, Germany in this regard.

But just wanted to mention it because it has been an issue for some notification systems.

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I’d appreciate popup widget with for HH actions and notifications while watching.


I stream video from the DS-Video app to my current AppleTV using AirPlay. Works from my iPad and iPhone. I assume that there’s also a DS-Video for Android too.

I also use the DS-Video “channel” on Roku. They all work great.

@ben is ST exploring an app on the Apple TV? There’s a world of possibilities in that big screen!

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Also read alot into the Samsung TV SmartApp store and im 99.9% sure that its possible to have a level of integration even now with SmartThings for showing notifications etc etc . . . Tv integration is a major step id agree