Thank you to those who served

Yes @bamarayne, I am looking at you! Thank you for your service and all others who have fought for freedom and peace!


I never know how to respond to this. I joined the service many reasons, to be thanked was never one of them. I am glad I was able to serve. I have my memories, my pains, my losses, and still my future. I am a better man because of it. But in the end, I did it for my children, and their children.

I sincerely appreciate your words and please do not think I am offended or upset. I just honestly do now know how to express what I feel when those words are spoken to me.

So, I will say… You Are Welcome.


As veterans we appreciate these words especially Vietnam vets who were treated so shabbily upon their return from war after serving our country as best we could. But we also realize that if a person never served they can never understand what we went through. So sometimes the words can sound like a cliche. But we also realize that the feelings usually come from the heart, so thank you and you are welcome.


The soldier makes a conscious decision to risk his life and body and the possibility of capture and being tortured to death and never seeing his family again 24/7 for the length of his deployment. He sees nothing but sorrow, destruction and suffering. He sees all the evil ways that people treat other people when they can’t resolve their differences peacefully.

Rather than thank a veteran do something kind to someone in need. Listen to the people that have a different viewpoint than yours. Try to make the world a better place to live for all humanity so that the services of the soldier are no longer needed. I fought to give the person that disagrees with me the right to express his/her opinion, not a bullet in the back of the head or torture in a prison then disappearing as is so prevalent in many other countries.

God Bless America!

Also, although I complain a lot, thank you Smartthings.