Text when Mode change or routine run?

(Aaron) #1

Is there a way to get a text, when a routine is run or when mode is changed?

I have been looking for days and can’t figure it out. I use IFTT but cant see a way there.


(Robin) #2

You obviously haven’t discovered the CoRE smart app yet… Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities!!

(Aaron) #3

Thanks Robin, I did not know about it. I have seen a lot of external things come and go so I have been reticent to invest my time in them. I was hoping that the solution would be simple and exist in the system already. I will take a look at CoRE. I feel like something like this should be in the basic functionality of the system.

(Robin) #4

CoRE is undergoing review and will hopefully make it to the marketplace someday… But I wouldn’t hold your breath!

It has always amazed me that something like CoRE, even if it were a more basic stripped down version, is not part of the defult ST system in the same way smart lighting is.

Let me know if you need any guidance but once you have it installed and have tinkered with it a little, you’ll find it fairly intuitive to use.