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Text-to-Speech is back!

(Tim Slagle) #1

Hey fellow community folks!

This is a short and simple announcement to let you know that Text-to-Speech is back! We have switched services to a more reliable service and we are confident this is a permanent fix!

You can find the normal Text-to-Speech apps in the “Music and Sounds” section in the marketplace.

We thank you for your patience while we got this right. Especially @MichaelS who has been waiting for his Talking Alarm Clock App to work. (You should really check that app out, it’s awesome!)

Time to celebrate!

SmartThings Event-Specific Text To Speech (TTS) for your Android Phone With Tasker
Sonos: speaker notify with sound (custom messages not working)
VLC Thing. A Poor Man's Sonos. Version 2.0 Released 12/22/2016
(Tim Slagle) #2

(Marc) #3

Awesome! Not to rain on your parade, but we realized this yesterday :smile:

(The fish is still dead.) #4


Autocorrect got your subject, I think… =)

(Micheal ) #5

Tested it this morning and it is working great! Are there any new parameters we can use with it…I notice the voice is slightly different, which I hope means it is configurable!!!

Let me know know @slagle

(Kristopher Kubicki) #6

Huzzah! TTS in exchange for Live Logging!

(Mike Maxwell) #7

I’ve already made a plea for this on slack, @slagle 's ignoring me again :cry:

BTW, are you guys going to clear out the old cruft? (any previously rendered TTS is still in the mp3 playback cache)

(The fish is still dead.) #8

Let’s Make a Deal, 2016 style!

So… which one of our developer advocates is Monty Hall?

(Mike Maxwell) #9

that’s a trick question, none of the above…

(The fish is still dead.) #10

…so you’re saying you’ll take what’s in the box?

(Mike Maxwell) #11

yup, it’s the same mystery we face every day here no? :grinning:

(Bernie H) #12

Working here. Thanks for the heads up.

(Bobby) #13

Hey, hey…these are two unrelated problems, Let’s cut him some slack, he worked hard on this. BTW Tim @slagle are the routines fixed now too :smiley: :smile:


This is great news! I am going to buy a sonos play 1 tomorrow. I was wondering if there is any way to change the voice from american english to british english?

(Tim Slagle) #15

(Sean Kendall Schneyer) #16

Okay, I’ve searched the forums and can’t find it. Didn’t want to hijack the thread, but there is a #slack group? Can someone share the info???

(ts) #17

With TTS working with my setup, I personally can say that recent system issues seem even less annoying, for me anyways.

Thank you SmartThings!:grinning:

(Mike Maxwell) #18

Info regarding this has been brought up in the last two developers meetings.

(Patrick Musselman) #19

It is working for me as well. However I am seeing a lot entries that start with “index:03, mac:” OR “index:04, mac:” in the event list. That is the mac address of my Sonos. I have live logging running and everything seems good tonight over the past several months. Is this normal? And Sonos has been at idle for several hours. Thanks!

(Glen McGowan) #20

@slagle thanks for the new releases.