Text message from presence sensor help

(Chris Backhand) #1

Hi my wife has the smartthings presence sensor on her key ring. Is there a way to have a text message sent to my phone when she arrives? I like to meet her to help carry her work gear :slight_smile:
Thank you


There is a smart app listed in the safety and security section called “Notify me When”. I think that will do what you want.

(Chris) #3

The built in Smart Home Monitor can do this also using Custom rules. I have mine set to do push notifications but you can easily do text as well. Here a few screenshots.

(Greg) #4

If you want more notice than exactly when she arrives, you can also set up a second location with ST - just drop a geofence location over an intersection 5 minutes away - and set up the notification through that location. I have a second location about 30 min away on my wife’s commute so I can plan dinner. It just sends a push notification to expect her in 30 min.

(Chris Backhand) #5

Thank you for all of your help :+1:t2:

(Chris Backhand) #6

Great idea… Thanks