Text came from a different sender

(Rick S) #1

Normally my text notifications come from a single number (sender) 262966 so I set a custom ring tone just like you would for your significant other. I use a Knock Knock ring tone for doors and windows being opened. This morning I got a new text from a full phone number 202-999-3389 and when I called it, it has an automated voice recording saying something about changing the URL…

Any idea what this is from and why I only got one of them?


(Ron S) #2

That’s Washington DC! Weird!


Is this an IFTTT recipe or a SmartThings notification?

(Rick S) #4

Rule Machine. I have it send me text when mode is home and anytime a door/window is open. It’s been from 844647 (sorry not 262966 as initially reported) since I set this up around Christmas, so I Have received nearly 1k message from this sender since then. Only just that once was it from the 202… number, very weird


(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #5

I just got one (i.e. a text message from SmartThings) from that same 202 number last night. Never before (they’ve also always come from 844647 until now), and I haven’t received any more messages from SmartThings since that one came in last night. So, I’m not sure yet if it’s a one-off deal, or what.

Does anybody else have any more on this?

(Realy Living Dream) #6

NSA is monitoring when you are and aren’t home. Time to grab your bugout bag and start shredding all your HDDs

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #7

Waste of time, they have firmware on the HDDs that has been trickling the data to their data center in Utah anyway. They already have a copy.

Just run!!!

(Realy Living Dream) #8

Is that why I always have a 100kb upload through modem even when my computers are supposedly powered off ? I was wondering about that.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #9

At risk of killing the joke…


While it is real, it wouldn’t work when the computer is off, and the actual systems that would be stealing the data would be injected in a different part of the system - but this would be done and repeated by the infected HDD firmware for the ultimate persistence.

Remediation used to mean a rebuild, now it means destroying the HDDs and entire computers. And that only works if you can trust your supply line, which you cannot, because systems are intercepted and chips replaced before you even get them!



Know this is an old post, but just received a notification from the same full 202-999-3389 number in the original post. Anyone have more info? Never received alerts from that number before.

(Brian Harding) #12

I had that happen once to me but although strange, it was accurate so I just ignored it.