Testing inputs "capability.colorControl"

Does the IDE simulator not support “capability.colorControl” inputs?

I ask because I’ve complete stripped down a simple SmartApp to nothing more than defining two sections and inputs (as follows) and it always returns an error when I try and install it in a testing location.

section("Using this ...") {
	input "master", "capability.colorControl", multiple: false, required: true, title: "Master device"
section("Control these ...") {
	input "slaves", "capability.colorControl", multiple: true, required: true, title: "Slave devices"

Where as if I change them to “capability.switch” the app installs in the simulator and runs without issue. I’m completely baffled.

P.S. SmartThings should update their validation messages in their messages.properties file to reflect domain class validation errors (e.g. missing: physicalgraph.device.Device.name.nullable.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.name)