Tesla Model 3

(Marc) #1

Unrelated to Smartthings…how many pre-ordered the Model 3? I did, and was curious how many of you folks did? For me, I was planning on getting a new car in late 2017 anyway as one my kids will start Kindergarten (so the day care payments will go away). I currently have a BMW 328 and my biggest complaint is it’s very small with 2 young kids, so we use my wife’s car primarily on weekend. I wasn’t sold on the Model 3 as rumors circulated that it is comparable in size to the 328, but after seeing the demo, Tesla re-engineered the interior where the dashboard is moved up therefore creating more leg room in the back. Genius!

(Joe) #2

I’m trying to clear it with my wife right now.

(Marc) #3

My wife leases a car and has had by that time 3 new cars in the time I’ve owned mine. That was my justification :slight_smile:

(Kim Andrè Flaten) #4

I pre-ordered yesterday, very excited to upgrade from my Nissan Leef 2014

(Marc) #5

I’d be very curious how much your electric bill jumped when you switched over to an electric car. Tesla is quick to point out a 5-7k savings over 3 years with gas, but they never mention how much electricity you use.

(Craig) #6

that 5-7K estimate is, based on their supplied math, including the increase cost to your electric bill.

(Marc) #7

Interesting, didn’t realize that. I know they ask for mileage and per gallon, but didn’t realize they factored in electricity as well. If you want a model 3, I would jump on it quick since the federal $7500 rebate is expected to end sometime in 2018.

(Craig) #8

you have to take ownership for the federal rebate. I doubt these model 3s come out on time considering the model X was 2 years delayed.

(Craig) #9

Don’t get me wrong I love Tesla. Personally I can’t justify putting 1K down on something that I have no idea when it’s coming, how much it will cost, or what the actual performance will be, just so I can have it a year before everyone else. I’ll just start putting my payments in the bank now and when the model 3 is out I’ll buy a model S use the 3 years of saved income to offset the double in price of the car. <-- that’s just me :slight_smile:

(Marc) #10

The way I understand the rebate to work is it’s available until 6 months AFTER Tesla sells their 200,000th car in the USA. They have already sold roughly 70k now and by end of 2016, that number should be around 100k. This leaves all of 2017 and some of 2018 to reach the 200k plus mark + 6 months. They have over 180k pre-orders now for the Model 3, but a good number of those are outside US I am sure.

(Ben W) #11

The $1000 is refundable.

You could also just buy the car outright with you savings. Why would I but a $80k car, when a $40k one is all I need?

(Ravi Bhat) #12

At 9.9c per KWH cost of electricity which is the lowest rate offered by PG&E in time of use plan (11 midnight to 6AM or weekends), I pay roughly $6.93 for fully charging 70KWH Tesla S that I own (9.9c x 70). The stated mileage on the car is roughly 250 miles for a full charge. If you are driving normal conditions 65mph in average city traffic on a plain road, you should be looking at 85% efficiency which gives you roughly 213 miles per charge. Please note that the battery consumption deteriorates significantly if you are going over 65 mph, going up steep hill, accelerating often and above 65mph; under those conditions your battery efficiency can deteriorate 20 points or more than what I have mentioned above. Tesla 3 should be more efficient given, lighter chassis weight, lower power etc.although I have not seen specs posted on their website. It remains to be seen. One point worth noting is that Tesla is improving battery efficiency every year by about 5 points. Hope that helps.

(Jorden) #13

Reserved mine as soon as the online ordering system came online…

(Tim Slagle) #14

I pre-ordered :wink:

(Craig) #15

I didn’t realize the deposit is refundable. That makes this a little more interesting :slight_smile:

(Marc) #16

Yes, I am not 100% sure I will keep my reservation but the $1,000 bought me time to think about it more and be “in line”.

(Ben W) #17


Ok, not really. So far I am liking what I am seeing. May pull the trigger on it today.

(Ben W) #18

Pulled the trigger. Matte Black and Ludicus mode are on my must have options.

(John) #19

I pre-ordered… one yesterday at the store, and a second one later on after the unveiling. (my wife’s out of town, and I only had permission for the first :fearful:)

I’ve had a leased Nissan LEAF for 2 years so far. It’s my first and only car I’ll ever lease. At the time, I needed a new car and wanted electric, but since I tend to keep cars for a decade or more, I didn’t want to be stuck with a lower-range car that long. When I leased there were no other options available yet; i3 and eGolf weren’t out, and I didn’t want a gas guzzler like the Volt. I knew my 3 year lease would be close to being able to get either a 2nd gen LEAF (which there is still no word on yet) or a Model E (as it was called back then), or some other possible 200-mile range car. I know I can extend my lease easily for 6-12 months, and currently plan to do so.

The killer feature on the Model 3, as far as I’m concerned, is the Supercharger network. That enables all sorts of travel that is painful if not impossible on any other 100% electric car. I have the LEAF now because it’s a commuter car – I never intend to take it more than 50-60 miles from home. I want a 200+ mile electric for the times when I need to go further, and I don’t want to take an ICE.

(John) #20

I cheat: I mostly charge at work. We have 14 at the moment. Thus, I almost never pay for fuel.

Top that off with the LEAF having nearly $0 maintenance cost for the first 3 years (no fluids to change and bi-yearly tire rotations are included). Buying an electric car eliminated all my commuting cost.